Creative Ways To Paint Your Nails For The Summer

‘Nail art’ can change the look of your nails. With time nail art has become more versatile. Now, it’s all about painting your nails differently. So that your nails become the center of attention.

Now, some people love to go to the ‘nail painting’ artists. But, professional artists can charge you heftily. Hence, you can try some great nail painting ideas right at your home.

1) Waning Moon

This is the latest trend in the world of nail art. Your five fingers will show the waning moon’s phase serially. So, take plastic papers and cut them just like the moon’s waning phase. Each shape will show a different shape of the moon. Now, stick the papers in the middle of your nail. Then, paint your nails black. After that, remove the papers and fill the shapes with white color. That’s it, your nails will look great.

2) Colorful Hearts

In the summer season, a little color looks always good. So, paint your nails white or you can use any light color. Then, draw small colorful hearts on your nails. Each nail must have at least 4 hearts. The hearts should be of different colors (red, pink, purple, black. etc.).

3) Bright Nails

Bright pink nails or orange nails are a great choice for the summer season. The dazzling sunlight will reflect on your nails and your nails will shine. You can also use bright yellow colors to paint your nails.

4) Stripes

Stripes can also look good on your nails. But, to make a stripe you have to use scotch tape. First of all, paint your nails with a non-shiny color. Then, let it dry for 1 hour. After that, cut narrow scotch tapes and stick on your nails. Now, paint your nails with bright colors. You will get stripe shapes on your nails. You can also make other shapes on your nails using scotch tape.

5) Square Nails

Cut your nails’ head squarely. Glossy colors look great on square nails. So, choose a glossy and shiny color and make your nails attractive.

6) Amazing Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are truly a wise option to paint your nails. In the summer season, you can choose ‘fruit’ nail stickers or ‘star’ nail stickers. Keep your nails dry and use the stickers. Your nails will look young and alive.

7) Color Contrast

This is the easiest way to make your nails look fashionable. Use a light color (light pink) to paint your nails. Then, choose a bright color (turquoise blue) to paint a crescent moon on your nails. It will take a short time to make your nails look attractive.

8) Sparkling Nails

Glitter nail polish on your nails can make them gorgeous. Use nude nail polish on your nails. Then, apply a coat of glitter nail polish. Your nails will shine like diamonds. Moreover, it will give your nails a ‘party look’.

9) Cute Tip Nails

To make your nail tips look cute, you have to use some shiny colors (like -silver). Just paint the top line of your nails with a bright color (a thin line). You can paint your entire nail with a different color.

10) The Cheetah Print

This print may look complex. But, if you use your brain, then you can create it on your nails. You will need black and yellow colors to make this print. So, paint your nails with pale yellow. Then, wrap a tiny cotton ball on a pen’s tip. Dip the pen’s tip in black nail polish and create small black dots on your nails. You can also use cheetah stickers on your nails to create this art.

The above ideas would surely give your nails a fabulous look this summer. Before choosing a color, you should know about your skin tone. Because a nail polish will look great when it suits your skin tone. So, choose your nail art carefully. You can also read more about it.