How To Do Your Own Candy Crush Nail Art

Nail Art is the best way to give a new as well as rejuvenating look to your nails. A perfect nail art leads to the creative method to paint, enhance, decorate, and embellish the nails. You can compare the nail wart with the artwork that is done not only on the fingernails but also on the toenails. It is one of the only forms of manicure and pedicure. You can either do the nail art by own or by the professional nail artist. You can draw any picture on your nails. In the market, you have an immense option. You can choose one of the best nail art kits for making your nails beautiful.

With every second, the nail art sector introduces the exclusive designs related to the nails. These designs are beyond the thinking level. Among all designs, candy crush is exceptionally prominent nowadays. The main question is how to do your own Candy Crush nail art? The method of candy crush is inspired by the popular game that is candy crush. You can draw the designs of candies on your nails. In addition to it, you can also show the variations with colors. Select the great as well as attractive color combination for your nail art. It is not the tedious task to draw the designs of candies on the nails.

However, without a nail art kit, it is quite impossible. If you are trying it for the first time, then it is preferable to choose the easy candy crush is design. Here is a list of steps by which you can do the candy crush nail art.

  • Apply the base coat on your nails. The base coat is transparent.
  • After then, create the dark black half circles in the initial part of the nail. Give the proper shape to the half-circle.
  • With the help of toothpick or thin stick to create white dots on the black circle. You can also make the dots of numerous colors on the black half-circle.
  • For the other nails, use the white color on the tip of your nails. Further, use the sea green nail paint to color the tip again. Make sure that when you apply the color on the white nail paint, then white color should be highlighted. Make the combination of these colors
  • After that, with the help of a toothpick, draw the small pink lines on the white.
  • Apply the combination, as mentioned above, on the nails except for the middle finger or thumb.
  • On the middle finger and thumb, use the black half-circle design.
  • After completing the designs, do not forget to apply the top coat on the nails.

The different nail arts look graceful, as well as alluring. Therefore you can follow the steps mentioned above to create beautiful candy designs. In the market may be small stickers related to candy are available. You can also prefer this. What you need to do is, paste the sticker on your nails and apply the base coat. Visit Set in Lacquer for more about nails.