How To Tell Your Friends You Just Don’t Like Their Dogs

If your friend is a dog lover and has dogs, but you are not as cozy with their pets, how to tell them the same? You do not want to ruin your friendship or hurt them. But you do not want to feel uncomfortable either, then, how to tell them you do not like their dogs? You do not want to upset your friend or displease them by telling them about it, what to do about this situation?

First of all, it’s essential to understand all may not share that love for their pet dogs. A true and understanding friend would surely appreciate your feelings about it, provided it is communicated positively and appropriately. Acceptance is the key. You can always quote your reasons for it and how your friendship is equally important to you.

Let’s first understand why you may not be loving their dogs or dogs as such.



You may like dog petting but do not like getting licked by the dogs. Dogs like licking and that is how they show their liking towards a person.


It could be your friend’s dog that annoys you, and you do not like it. It gets all over you and goes crazy, which is not manageable by you. You look for your space and space for your friendship. However, you do not want to hurt his/her feelings. At times, your love for your friend is equalized with your love for his/her pet. So, you choose to keep quiet and not to hurt your friend.


You fear that the outfit that you wish to keep is ruined with all the ga-ga, crushing, clawing, crumpling of the pet dog. You do not want to look uptight or not relaxed but you do not like it.


You cannot stand the dog breath on your face. You feel it is unpleasant and gross, with saliva dripping off the hanging tongue.


It’s incessant barking for every small thing like a car passing by, a boy playing, and so on. It’s even more frustrating when you are lacking sleep and want to sleep peacefully.


You want your “me-time” or being with your friend, and the pet dog keeps barging in. Your friend does not let it go, and vice versa. It ruins the whole purpose of friendship or the visit.


You may be facing health issues like allergies, asthma, etc. with dogs around.

Being judged for not being a dog person can be frustrating. So, letting your friend know the reasons behind your discomfort through proper communication can help.


  • Inform you when he/she gets his/her pet in any festivity and how the issue can be managed relatively upfront.
  • It is essential to let him/her know of your health issues and keep the dog secured or latched. Let the area be clean as much as possible.
  • Keep the dog secured or latched to avoid jumping, drooling, licking, and other concerning actions.

Let your friends know that you understand their love for their dog and be honest with the situation. Let them know that you are important to them and give them their space. Willing try to reward their pet dog and do ask about them. Also, the entire arrangement can make your friend and their pet dog in a comfort zone.

Truth and honesty will set you free.