Scotch tape method for sprucing up an old manicure

Monday, January 30, 2012

Okay, I say "old manicure" tongue in cheek as my polish was only a day old. But I couldn't resist putting a silver lining on my nails.

I used a favorite of mine - OPI "Make a Comet-ment" and tape for my design.

First I set up my workstation and tore enough tape to do each nail. Now on to the fun stuff. Again, always put the tape on the back of your hand to get most of the sticky off before you put it on your nail.

Brush the accent polish on the open area of nail and remove the tape quickly. Voila!

Fingerpaints Are You Blue and OPI Iceberg Lotus

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I did a quick manicure tonight and I am loving the results. Two coats of Fingerpaints "Are You Blue" and one coat of OPI "Iceberg Lotus". What a phenomenal combination!

The Fingerpaints had a flawless application and the dry time was super fast! Forgive the shadow but this was the photo that showed the color the best.

Also, I was a bit messy on the application as I was rushed packing for a trip.

Then I added one layer of OPI "Iceberg Lotus". I love this glittery polish. It is a wonderful, majestic blue-green color. I wish the photos would pick up the green iridescent color. But until the weather is better again in Wyoming I am not going outside to take photos. The wind is blowing hard enought to blow the polish right off my nails!

Again, a wonderful application and the brush was amazing! Basically one or two swipes and you are done!

I got a little over-zealous so now I need to spend some time cleaning up. 

Venique - A must have

A couple of months ago my sister introduced me to Venique. She is getting her cosmetology license so she has access to things I don't. I ordered this one from Ebay. But I am going to have to get her to be my supplier. I tried the Venique B-Ceen-B-Gorgeous. And that it is... Gorgeous that is.

It has a flawless application. This picture shows two layers of the beautiful lacquer.

It's time to place another order! They are a relatively new company so their color line isn't that extensive yet. But I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

My favorite of the Venique so far is the Twinkling Glitter. I have a post on that beauty here.

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