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Tape and holographic polish create gorgeous geometric glam

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I love holographic nail polish. It is glorious to see in the sunshine, although I haven't seen much of the sun this week. But in the hopes that it would peek its yellow rays out to say "hello," I put on a holo nail polish.

Dance Legend has some of the most amazing holographic polishes out there. I only have a few of them, and I love each and every one of them. For this mani, I wanted something a little beyond just holographic. But not too complicated as I just didn't have the time to invest in nail art. So I created a simple tape mani.

For the base coat I used Barielle Blue Capri. Then I used nail art tape in horizontal and vertical placement. After that, I simply applied Dance Legend Optical Illusion and removed the tape - Instant nail art! 

Holographic geometric nail art using nail art tape
Holographic geometric nail art using nail art tape
Holographic geometric nail art using nail art tape
Holographic geometric nail art using nail art tape
If you love nail art, but don't feel you have the time - try the nail art tape as a template. You will love it!

Some polish in this post were previously provided to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Tape nail art with holographic polishes

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Urban Outfitters holographic nail polish inspired me to do some nail art.

I decided to try a tape manicure. I actually like how it turned out. I started with a base color of Zoya Raven and let it dry. Then I used the thin nail art tape and blocked off sections of my nails. I alternated positioning. Then I painted a different color in each section. It looks complicated but it is actually very easy.

As soon as I finished applying the holographic polish I removed the tape quickly and applied a top coat to smooth it out.

Holographic nail art
Holographic nail art

Holographic nail art
Holographic nail art

Scotch tape method for sprucing up an old manicure

Monday, January 30, 2012

Okay, I say "old manicure" tongue in cheek as my polish was only a day old. But I couldn't resist putting a silver lining on my nails.

I used a favorite of mine - OPI "Make a Comet-ment" and tape for my design.

First I set up my workstation and tore enough tape to do each nail. Now on to the fun stuff. Again, always put the tape on the back of your hand to get most of the sticky off before you put it on your nail.

Brush the accent polish on the open area of nail and remove the tape quickly. Voila!

Using that narrow silly nail art tape that I just HAD to have

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I recently purchased some of that shiny, sparkly, thin nail tape. I was so excited about it and immediately set about using it in a manicure. It looked great! For about one hour and then it started peeling off even though I had a nice top coat on over it.

So then I decided I would use it as a smaller version of scotch tape.

I put on two layers of Claire's glitter polish "Night Sky." It actually isn't a very "chunky" glitter polish but it has a wonderful sparkle to it. Then of course I applied a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.

Then I cut my tape and stuck it to my worktable where it would be easy to get to.

I put three pieces on my nail in a side star burst pattern.

I then applied a nice layer of Ultra Pro Black on top of the tape and over the entire nail. Make sure if you try it you pull the tape off immediately and pull it all off at once in a smooth motion.

The photo doesn't do it justice. It came out with a gorgeous iridescent pattern! This photo is without a top coat to smooth it out.

There you have it. A great way to use that narrow tape!


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