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Neon leopard print - step by step

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I saw an awesome mani online that I just had to try. However it had rhinestones and beads. And while I love the look of rhinestones and beads I don't like them on my nails. It's just my preference. I don't like the feel of it on my fingers. 

So I took the steps of this leopard print mani by Love4Nails and left off the rhinestones and beads.

It really is quite easy although it is time consuming. I used Zoya Lo, Whitney, Arizona and Creamy for the base colors. Zoya Raven was also used for the black on the leopard's spots. The black and white stripes were made just using striper polishes.

Bright and colorful leopard nail art
Bright and colorful leopard manicure
So here's a step by step guide on how it was done. 

I started with a base coat to protect my nails.

Then I painted one corner of my nail with Zoya Lo. On one of them I went too far up. If you do that don't worry. Nothing in these steps has to be perfect.

I let that dry and then applied the Zoya Arizona. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect. I overlapped the pink with the orange.

Then I applied Zoya Creamy to the outside tip. I forgot to get a photo of this step. But you get the idea. After that I used Zoya Whitney in a curve over the orange and up one side of the nail - overlapping the yellow.

Then using a striping polish I placed a stripe of black in a curve along the center of the nail and then applied a white stripe right next to it.

Using Zoya Whitney and a small tipped art brush I made dots and swiggles along on the yellow and down the side. I say "swiggles" because I think perfect dots don't look quite right for the leopard spots. 

After that I used the same small tipped brush and applied black around the pink "swiggles." Don't completely paint a circle around them. Just outline parts of the "swiggles."

Let it dry and apply a good top coat. I use Seche Vite fast dry. It helps it dry quickly and it doesn't smear the design.

The hardest part of this mani was completing the "off hand." Just make sure you hold your tongue just right!  :)

And this is the completed manicure. I may keep this one on for a few days.

Bright and colorful leopard nail art
Bright and colorful leopard manicure

Neon water marble with Picture Polish

Sunday, July 22, 2012

These neon polishes by Picture Polish were calling to me. What they were screaming was "water marble." 

I used Crazy, Hot Lips and Lime Lite. The yellow Crazy and pick Hot Lips sort of merged together to make orange. But I still love the finished look -- Bright and summery. These dried extremely fast in the water. But that just meant I had to work fast. I dipped two fingers at once for this marble.

Picture Polish water marble
Picture Polish water marble

Bottom line: Neons are fun and these Picture Perfect polishes are great for water marbling. Picture Perfect polish is available at for $12.50

The products in this post were sent to me for review.  I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.

Deborah Lippmann - Run the World Collection

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I have to share this lovely collection I received from a friend. Deborah Lippman has done it again. This neon mini polish set is fun and bright for the summer months.

These polishes are a matte finish and application is a breeze. The yellow was a little sheer and I applied three coats. But yellows usually seem sheer to me.

Here is what the creator had to say about these polishes.

"This season I wanted to create a more sophisticated take on the neon trend. My new collection, Run the World (Girls) Set of mini nail lacquers features fun yet wearable neon shades that feel fresh with a fabulous matte finish and they are FDA-approved to boot!" -Deborah Lippmann 

Run The World (Girls) includes: 
  •  I Kissed A Girl,
  •  It Girl,
  • Hollaback Girl,
  • Nasty Girl, and
  • Party Girl.
Let's just move on to the swatches. All of these are two coats except for It Girl which is three coats. I did not use a top coat for any of these polishes.

I Kissed A Girl
 I Kissed a Girl is a bright, yet soft, (yes I know that sounds strange) pink without being overbearing. 

It Girl
It Girl is a buttercup yellow. Not quite as bright as it shows in the photo though. This is three coats and it is still pretty sheer.

Hollaback Girl
Hollaback Girl is a wonderful shade of coral that lends itself to red. I think it is my favorite in the collection.

Nasty Girl
 Nasty Girl is a plum purple and is probably the truest matte in the collection.

Party Girl
Party Girl is a vibrant pink. The camera just couldn't quite capture the true color in this polish and picked up more of the red hues. But it really is more of a fuchsia pink.

Deborah Lippmann Run the World collection can be purchased in several department stores, or online and costs $45.

Happy Polishing!

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