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Nerd Lacquer Nebula - First of several swatches

Saturday, June 30, 2012

An amazing friend sent me some Nerd Lacquer polishes. I had never tried the line before so when they came I couldn't wait to wear one. The hard part was deciding which one. Nebula just kind of jumped out at me.

Nerd Lacquer Nebula nail polish
Nerd Lacquer Nebula

Nebula is a glorious deep burgandy base with tons of multicolored glitter packed in it. The name fits the polish nicely. It looks as though all the stars were captured and corralled in this bottle. It applied wonderfully - even and smooth. It has a relatively quick dry time. One coat of Seche Vite Top Coat finished it off nicely. I was worried that it might be a thirsty polish and need a couple of coats of top coat. But one coat was all it needed. 

Nerd Lacquer is one of those indie polishes that caused an internet riot when it was available. Now its creator is taking a break from making polish making this polish even more sought after.

Here are the Nerd Lacquers you will see in future posts.


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