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Day Four of the Seven Days of Floral Nail Art Tutorials

Sunday, May 12, 2013

First thing I have to say is Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Moms out there! Being a parent is hard, but rewarding work.

As I sit writing this I can smell the bacon and sausage coming from the kitchen. My husband is making his famous breakfast for me. It is going to be the start to a wonderful day. But I am off on a totally different topic now.

Day Four of the Seven Days of Floral Nail Tutorials is a fun, yet classy vine design with purple flowers.

Floral Nail Art
Floral Nail Art
I used Sabrina Sato Ballet as my base color. It's a wonderful shimmery off-white polish that has strong gold tones.

Then I used black acrylic paint and drew a "half circle" of vines on my nails.

I probably added a little too much detail to the vines as you can't see all of them when I am finished.

Then with green acrylic paint I added leaves to the vine.

I used purple acrylic paint and added purple petaled flowers to the design.

Then with white paint I added centers to the flowers.

After the white centers I added some pale yellow to the centers because I didn't like the way the white was so - well white.

Floral Nail Art
Floral Nail Art

There you have it. A wonderful fun and Spring manicure.

Would you wear this? What color flowers would you want?

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Day Three of the Seven Day of Floral Tutorials - Everything is coming up roses!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's day three of the Seven Day of Floral Tutorials and I hope you are enjoying it. I know I am. Today everything is coming up roses!

These sweet roses have a few steps but are actually quite easy and the color possibilities are endless.

Blue rose nail art
Blue rose nail art

I started off with a base color of Zoya Blu. This soft pastel blue makes a perfect canvas for nail art.

Then I used a MASH Nail Art Brush and added irregular shaped blue circles with medium blue acrylic paint.

Using a darker blue acrylic paint partially outline the circles. Make sure not to outline the entire circle. Then go inside the line and add a few rounded lines. You are now started to add the detail and definition to the roses.

Use a lighter blue (or add white to your blue paint) and add even more definition to the roses by adding curved lines of the lighter blue paint.

With an even lighter blue add some curved lines to the centers of your roses.

Use a green paint to add the leaves. With leaves you just used a shorter nail art brush and push down on the nail, pull down, and lift up. Practice on a piece of paper if you want to first.

Add a top coat to seal your nail art and add the shine. There you have it. Gorgeous nail art that really wasn't that hard.

Blue rose nail art
Blue rose nail art
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I hope you are enjoying this series. If there is anything else I can share feel free to let me know.

One-stroke flowers - Practice, practice, practice

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I love the look of the one-stroke nail art. It looks so simple yet requires a certain amount of finesse. I am bound and determined to master this technique.

One stroke nail art is completed by using acrylic paints. Use two colors on a flat brush - half the brush with one color and the other half with the other color. Then using a practiced motion it should create a flower (or whatever else you are trying to make.) that has a gradient effect.

Notice I said it "should create." I am practicing and thought I would share my attempts at one-stroke nail art with you.

This is the one I am most pleased with. I used Orly Mysterious Curse as the base. Then I loaded my brush with blue and white acrylic paint and made the flowers. I used a dotting tool to add some dots of white on and around the flowers. I also used a black striping brush to add some definition to the petals.

One stroke nail art - blue and white flowers
One stroke nail art - blue and white flowers

One stroke nail art - blue and white flowers
One stroke nail art - blue and white flowers
On this one I used a base color of Orly Terra Mauve. I made the flower petals a little more pointed and used a striping brush to outline the petals.

One stroke nail art - blue and white flowers
One stroke nail art - blue and white flowers

One stroke nail art - red and white flowers
One stroke nail art - red and white flowers
I definitely need a lot more practice. But I think I am making progress. Have you tried one-stroke nail art? What are your tips?

Barielle Dotticure

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. It may be the last hooray of the summer but you can sport flowers on your nails any day of the year.

I used all Barielle polishes for this "dotticure." The base color is Island Breeze. The pink flower petals are Cherry Cordial and the gray dots are Snow Day. I just realized how Snow Day isn't indicative of summer weather but it does look nice on the teal and pink.

If you don't have dotting tools you can make your own with various items found around the house - Toothpicks, bobby pins and even ink pens.

Dotted flower nail art using Barielle polish
Barielle dotted flowers

What are your homemade tools for dotting?

Bees are buzzing... Nail art step-by-step

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well the nights are cooler and summer is about over here in Wyoming. We may have another two months of decent weather or we might only have one month. So I am protesting the fact that Fall is approaching by staying in Summer mode. So I have some bright summery nail art to share with you.

Bright flowers on green stems with a bumblebee... These were a lot of fun and actually quite easy. As always when I try to do a step-by-step post I get absorbed in the mani and forget to take pictures of steps.

Flowers and bee nail art
Flowers and bee nail art
I started off with a base color of Deborah Lippman  "Let's hear it for the boy." Forgive the messiness. I never worry about being neat when I am doing nail art. I just clean up good with a brush later. Too many times I have done a few nails and decided I seriously didn't like it and started over.

Then I used a green striping brush and applied three "stems." Different angles and thicknesses are okay. It provides some realism.

Then I used a dotting tool and Milani "White on the Spot" to start the flowers.

I used a different sized dotting tool and added dots of Zoya "Creamy" to provide the yellow in the flower. I mixed a little of Zoya "Creamy" and "Arizona" and used a larger dotting tool to make an oblong shape for the bee's body.

Then using a dotting tool and Milani "Black Swift" I added a dot on one side of the orange oblong shape to make the bee's head.

This is where I got completely focused and forgot to take photos. But it really was easy. I used a thin striping brush to paint on the three stripes for the body. I also drew on the antenna, feet and stinger. Not hard, but make sure you hold your tongue just right! Half circles meeting in the middle compose the wings. I added a tiny dot of white for the bee's eye and I was done!

Flowers and bee nail art
Flowers and bee nail art

NOTD: Easy purple flower nail art

Monday, July 23, 2012

I wanted to do some nail art today but I was drawing a creative blank. So I decided to fall back on a standby - flowers. Instead of dotting the petals I used a small nail art brush and painted lines. Different colors of purple and pink lines make up the flowers. For the flower center I used a dotting tool and a yellow polish. Then I just used a striping polish to draw vines. Sound simple? It really was. 

I used Essie Clambake as the base color. A perfect pale lavender color.

Easy purple flower nail art
Easy purple flowers
What is your fallback for nail art?

Dotted flower nail art

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Things have been busy in my neck of the woods because of wildfires. So after a hectic day at work dealing with that I needed to unwind. I like to do nail art to unwind. I like to lose myself in my polish and tools.

So what I have for you today is a dotted flower manicure.

I used Cult Nails Princess for the base. I love that color. It is a wonderful subdued shade of pale blue with lots of shimmer in it.

I used Zoya Rory for the pink in the flowers. Lots of shimmer to this polish and it is a gorgeous rose color. For the leaves I used Zoya Rory. It also has lots of shimmer and is a green. I wanted these flowers to be subtle.

China Glaze White on White makes up the white in the flowers.

Flower with dotting tools nail art
Flowers with dotting tools

Flower with dotting tools nail art
Flower with dotting tools nail art
These flowers are completed entirely with dotting tools. Large dots for the first petals and then decreasingly smaller dots on top. The leaves were also finished with a dotting tool. I just swiped the tool to make them oblong.

I actually kind of like how these came out. I was worried when I first finished because quite honestly - simple is often better. So I thought maybe I had taken it a little overboard. But I'm happy with it.

Pansies and glitter

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I usually go with full color on my nails. But I decided to go with french tips, glitter and dotting.

I actually like it! I had to go with purple today. I am not sure if you noticed but doesn't the blog look much cleaner? Thanks to the connections of the lovely lady behind Cosmetic Sanctuary I got a blog makeover too!

Purple nail art with pansies

I used Milani "Lavender Fizz" for the tip. It's a one coat glitter and it definitely provided good coverage.

Then for the flowers I used China Glaze "White on White" and Milani "Hipster Plum" and "Yellow Whiz."

Simple dots for the flowers with  a spray of dots under the glitter. I may just have to go with french tips more often.

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