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Dior Waterlily definitely the bright spot in my day

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A small group of bloggers decided to get together and post swatches of Dior polishes. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful group. These ladies are an amazing group.

I decided to swatch Dior Waterlily. It's an amazing soft green shade with lots of shimmer and shine. I love the rose scent of the polish.

Dior Waterlily
I know this is a short post. I must start packing for an upcoming business trip!

In the meantime, take a look at all the Dior posts!

Okay, I splurged again... Dior Waterlily

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have to admit my splurging lately is all your fault. Seriously, I can go along in my day and not have a plan to search for polish, But then one of you will post on my page this great color that just happens to have my name all over it. So then I am in full stalking - hunt mode.

Once a person shares a want of theirs, or a recently purchased hard to find polish it seems to spread through out the polish community faster than Seche Vite dries. And all of a sudden it is the hot polish that every one must have. Trades fly faster than the Stock market. Some of the trades work out well and some never get past the immediate negotiations.

As a novice trader I decided to go straight to eBay. Found this baby and locked it down, This baby came wrapped in many layers of bubble wrap and a secure bubble mailer. I immediately tore into my package and there it was... Dior WaterLily...

Since I had sponsor swatches to do first I had to wait to put this baby on. I am up past my bedtime for a polish, Okay, I admit... I have a problem.

Let's move on to the swatches. Each Swatch is two coats and has a top coat.

This is a base coat to protect your nails and then two coats of Waterlily. Waterlily was a little bit tricky to apply as it is pretty thick. But once I figured that out it didn't slow me down much.

Oh, and after the polish is dry you can smell the lingering scent of blooming roses.

Dior Water Lily Swatches
Dior Water Lily Swatches

Dior Water Lily Swatches
Dior Water Lily Swatches

Dior Water Lily Swatches
Dior Water Lily Swatches

Dior Water Lily Swatches with flash
Dior Waterlily swatches with flash

Dior Water Lily Swatches


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