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I've got the blues - Dandy Nails

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nail mail came today. I admit it. Both polishes were blue. I have a thing with blue - dark blue, light blue, sky blue, navy blue, cobalt blue... need I go on?

So when I saw these polishes from DandyNails I couldn't resist.

The formula is awesome. Great application - smooth and wonderful coverage in two coats for Eager Eyes and three coats for Parallel Universe.

Eager Eyes has tons of sparkle and shine. It was hard to capture in the photos. A light, yet bright blue. This quickly moved up on my favorites list.

Dandy Nail Eager Eyes
Dandy Nail Eager Eyes

Dandy Nail Eager Eyes
Dandy Nail Eager Eyes
Parallel Universe is a gorgeous azure blue with a slight shift to purple. But I couldn't catch the duochrome effect in the photo. Wonderful shimmer and shine to this polish.

Dandy Nail Parallel Universe
Dandy Nail Parallel Universe

Dandy Nail Parallel Universe
Dandy Nail Parallel Universe

Now I think I am off to find more blue polishes. One can never have enough blues...

I have swatches of DandyNails Bathed in Light, Look Around and You Set My Soul Alight here.

Bottom line: An indie polish that is classy, elegant and fashionable. I am going to have to check out some more of her polishes! Dandy Nails can be purchased for $8 on her Etsy shop when available.

18KT gold flake topcoat by Sephora by OPI

Friday, June 22, 2012

I got this amazing topcoat for my birthday. Of course it probably helped that I emailed my husband the link. But hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! I can't believe I have real gold flakes on my nails.

I applied this amazing top coat over Illamasqua "Phallic" and I have to say I love the combination. The gold flakes applied evenly and there was no need to go "fishing for flakes."  It also had a fast dry time. There's not much more to say about this top coat. It is available from for $30. Pricey, but I think my husband got off relatively cheap!

Sephora By OPI 18kt Gold Flake Top Coat
Sephora By OPI 18kt Gold Flake Top Coat

Orly Snowcone and Venique Twinkling Glitter

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's a bright spring day and even though it will probably snow at least one more time in Wonderful Wyoming I had to apply a bright spring color to my fingertips. So I pulled out Orly Snowcone (yes I know, it has a winter name.) and applied two coats to my nails. The formula is good. It looks like it is going on streaky but actually dries quite smooth. It's a wonderful color which is comparable to a Robin's egg. 

Orly Snow Cone
 I added a topcoat of Seche Vite which is a fast dry top coat and it added a wonderful shine to a polish that was actually pretty shiny without it.

The weather is supposed to be bright and sunny tomorrow so I wanted to be able to see glitz and glitter in the sunlight so I added a coat of Venique Twinkling Glitter. I positively adore this glitter polish. This polish is a wonderful mixed size glitter which completely gleams and glows with rainbows in the sun. Unfortunately it is dark now so adding a shot of this in the sunlight is out of the question. Perhaps I will try to capture it tomorrow in the sunlight.

Venique was available at CosmoProf. It was part of a holiday edition and is now discontinued but I have seen it on eBay. I have the one bottle and save it for when I need a quick pick-me-up.

Happy Polishing!


Scotch tape mani - Zoya Skylar and Loreal Whimsical

Sunday, March 25, 2012

For this manicure I used two coats of Zoya Skylar for the base color. I love this color. A very subtle blue with lots of shimmer to it. The color reminds me of my favorite pair of faded jeans. As usual Zoya didn't disappoint me. The application was flawless and the brush is wider that a couple of my other Zoyas. The dry time was relatively fast.

Before I used the scotch tape I applied a coat of Seche Vite fast dry top coat. I have found that using SV is a must when I do scotch tape manis. Otherwise I would be waiting forever to finish.

I got most of the sticky off the tape by sticking the tape to the back of my hand. This way it is sticky but not sticky enough that I will remove my polish with it.

Then I applied the tape in a diagonal line over my nails leaving the tip of my nail showing. I quickly applied a thick coat of Loreal Whimsical and removed the tape without waiting. If you wait to long the tape will begin to dry and will pull up at the edge of the tape.

I was happy with the combo but of course I had to add one more thing. I used a striping brush and added a stripe of Zoya Ibiza.

I like the look - not too flashy - but very clean and classy.

Happy Polishing!


Zoya Ibiza - my kind of blue

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Actually I love all blues. But I just had to take a second to show you Zoya Ibiza. Such a lovely dark blue. And of course it's Zoya so it is a great quality.

The only thing I would change about Zoya is I wish their brushes were a little wider. Other than that I have had wonderful experiences with them.

This is Zoya Ibiza with a star stamp. I am pretty pleased with it. I need to expand my image plate collection. Next month I am going to hit the online stores and focus on stamps instead of polish. (Yeah right. We all know I will still polish hunt.)

Where do you buy your stamping image plates?

Happy Polishing.


Spring Cherry Blossoms Manicure

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring is in the air. Although in Wyoming I don't anticipate it will last long. But it sure is a breath of fresh air. 

While at the post office this week I saw a poster of a wonderful stamp. It was to commemorate the Cherry Blossom Festival but I saw it as a possible manicure. I am pleased with the results.
With a computer printout of the stamp. 

I started out with a base coat of Seche Clear and then added two coats of Sinful Colors "Why Not." I love this color by itself.

Sinful Colors "Why Not"
Then I took a home made striping brush with black polish and added the trunk of the tree.

Use a "swooping motion" and add the pink for the tree shape. I used Orly "Basket Case."

The pink added to the tree
Grab a dotting tool (it can be home made too) and add lighter pink dots on top of the pink. Don't be afraid to go just outside the darker pink with the dots. I used a Color Club pink.

With lighter pink dots
Finally add your white dots and you will see the final results. To pull it together I also put dots of Orly "Basket Case" on the other nails. 

Voila! The final product.

What's your spring manicure?

Happy Polishing!


Inspiration - Fenton glass egg (Picture heavy)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I spotted one of my Fenton eggs in the curio cabinet and wanted to recreate the look. I actually think it worked! 

Fenton egg inspired nail art

Let me go through it step by step.

First I started with a base coat. I use Seche Vite. Adding a good base coat is extremely important because greens are infamous for staining.

Then I used Zoya "Ivanka" as a base color. I used three coats because I wanted it to be rich with color. 
Take a small piece of a cosmetic sponge and sponge purple on. I used Zoya "Mimi." I sponged it in a diagonal and then across the tips.

Take a dotting tool (If you don't have one it is easy to make one) and dot three five-petaled flowers with white polish.

Almost finished. Now use your dotting tool and add gold to the center of each flower. I used OPI "Pros and Bronze."

Next, take a striping brush and paint gold stems, actually it's kind of a vine. Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of this step. But you can see the results in the finished product.

Some more pictures of the finished Fenton inspired manicure. It was hard to get all the details in the pictures.

What inspires you?

Happy Polishing!

China Glaze "Frostbite" brilliant and bold

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I recently obtained a bottle of China Glaze "Frostbite" from a fellow blogger. It is wonderful, brilliant and bold. I love bright, bold colors and this one did not disappoint me. Two coats provided incredible coverage and color. The formula on this China Glaze is spot on. It has a very subtle shimmer to the finish. Blogger Nails by Ms. Lizard couldn't have chosen a better color for me.

Of course I had to try out my stamping skills on top. I used Sally Hansen Silver Chrome pen for the stamping. The Konad image plate I used was M60. I am actually getting better at placing the stamp where I want it.

Happy polishing!


Scotch tape mani with some glitz

Friday, February 17, 2012

I seriously think it takes me longer to pick out a polish to wear than to paint my nails. So I used several for my NOTD. 

I used OPI "I have a herring problem" for the base. I love this polish. It is from the new Holland Collection.

For the diagonal tip I used FingerPaints "Art of theft." 

And for the dots I used Nicole OPI "Make a comet-ment". This is one of my favorites. It has serious glitz and doesn't have a gritty finish. It almost looks like a rhinestone.

Fingerpaints Are You Blue and OPI Iceberg Lotus

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I did a quick manicure tonight and I am loving the results. Two coats of Fingerpaints "Are You Blue" and one coat of OPI "Iceberg Lotus". What a phenomenal combination!

The Fingerpaints had a flawless application and the dry time was super fast! Forgive the shadow but this was the photo that showed the color the best.

Also, I was a bit messy on the application as I was rushed packing for a trip.

Then I added one layer of OPI "Iceberg Lotus". I love this glittery polish. It is a wonderful, majestic blue-green color. I wish the photos would pick up the green iridescent color. But until the weather is better again in Wyoming I am not going outside to take photos. The wind is blowing hard enought to blow the polish right off my nails!

Again, a wonderful application and the brush was amazing! Basically one or two swipes and you are done!

I got a little over-zealous so now I need to spend some time cleaning up. 


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