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Bees are buzzing... Nail art step-by-step

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well the nights are cooler and summer is about over here in Wyoming. We may have another two months of decent weather or we might only have one month. So I am protesting the fact that Fall is approaching by staying in Summer mode. So I have some bright summery nail art to share with you.

Bright flowers on green stems with a bumblebee... These were a lot of fun and actually quite easy. As always when I try to do a step-by-step post I get absorbed in the mani and forget to take pictures of steps.

Flowers and bee nail art
Flowers and bee nail art
I started off with a base color of Deborah Lippman  "Let's hear it for the boy." Forgive the messiness. I never worry about being neat when I am doing nail art. I just clean up good with a brush later. Too many times I have done a few nails and decided I seriously didn't like it and started over.

Then I used a green striping brush and applied three "stems." Different angles and thicknesses are okay. It provides some realism.

Then I used a dotting tool and Milani "White on the Spot" to start the flowers.

I used a different sized dotting tool and added dots of Zoya "Creamy" to provide the yellow in the flower. I mixed a little of Zoya "Creamy" and "Arizona" and used a larger dotting tool to make an oblong shape for the bee's body.

Then using a dotting tool and Milani "Black Swift" I added a dot on one side of the orange oblong shape to make the bee's head.

This is where I got completely focused and forgot to take photos. But it really was easy. I used a thin striping brush to paint on the three stripes for the body. I also drew on the antenna, feet and stinger. Not hard, but make sure you hold your tongue just right! Half circles meeting in the middle compose the wings. I added a tiny dot of white for the bee's eye and I was done!

Flowers and bee nail art
Flowers and bee nail art


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