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One-stroke nail art - attempt at painting pumpkins

Friday, October 26, 2012

I am trying to master the one-stroke painting technique. I think I have a way to go before I get a handle on it. It's something that looks so easy... yet it obviously isn't. At least not for me.

Attempt at one-stroke pumpkin nail art
Attempt at one-stroke pumpkin nail art

I used a base coat of Sabrina Sato Lambada. Then I applied a coat of Seche Vite to dry my nails faster and provide a smooth coat for the paint.

I used acrylic paint for the pumpkins. Using a flat brush I dipped each half of the brush. One half in the orange paint and one in the black. Then I swiped the brush on paper to blend the colors.

Then with a smooth motion (or it was supposed to be a smooth motion) I swipe a half circle on each nail. Then I reversed it and painted an opposite half circle to form the body of the pumpkins. Then I repeated the design in a smaller fashion to fill in the body of the pumpkin. The black and the orange made the texture of the pumpkin. But when I was filling in the center of the pumpkin I had to put more orange than black on the brush or it was too dark.

Then I added a stem with green paint. I tried to add leaves but as a friend told me... they look more like jalapenos! They weren't connected at all. I thought about painting a vine; but then I thought that would be too much and make it busy. I know I sometimes add too much to a manicure.

Add a top coat to seal the nail art.

I need a lot of practice still. But I think maybe someday I will get the technique mastered. I will keep trying though. I love the look of one-stroke nail art.

If at first you don't succeed

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I watched a video on YouTube from CutePolish (actually I have watched a lot of her videos as she does amazing work.) and just had to try it out. The philosophy was simple. It looked simple. It looked amazing. And it didn't look like that on me.

The idea was to put the temporary tattoos on your nails. I tried. I pressed hard with a water-soaked paper towel. I tried with a water-soaked cotton ball. I am not sure where I went wrong. I tried it on a wheel and it came out amazing. All I can think is that I shouldn't have applied a top coat before I tried to apply the tattoo.

One stroke experiment - And that is supposed to be a flower.
Orly Snowcone and Zoya Creamy
The wonderful tattoos that were an epic failure

The idea I had was positively stunning. In my mind's eye anyway. I painted my nails with Orly Snowcone except for the ring fingers, which I painted with Zoya Creamy. Up to that point I was successful. Then I was going to try and apply the glittery Sun on one ring finger and the moon on the other ring finger. This is where it went wrong fast. The tattoos just would not stick. So then I reapplied Creamy to the ring finger again and tried with a butterfly tattoo. My nails were not having any part of those tattoos. 

So back to square one... I removed the Creamy from my ring finger and reapplied it... Yet again...

I wasn't about to let my color scheme go to waste so I pulled out my acrylic paints. Now when I bought these acrylic paints I had visions of grandeur. I quickly realized that when I tried the "one stroke" method it looked like a finger painting from a kindergarten class. I came to grips with the fact that I am not an artist. Even when I practiced I would think I was getting it... until I tried painting on my right hand. So the paints went into the closet with the rest of my brilliant ideas.

But tonight I was determined to do something beside stamping or scotch tape art. And I was rapidly losing patience. So trying another Fenton Egg inspired manicure was out of the question.

With little patience and even less artistic ability I dove right in before I lost my nerve.

The end result is something I like but is definitely abstract.

Have you tried the tattoos? What are your tips for success? How about the one stroke painting method?

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