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Trind Perfect Cuticle and Nail Kit review

Monday, March 10, 2014

I usually post about polish or nail art. Today I am going to talk about what goes on behind the polish. What can you do to keep your nails healthy? I have heard so much about Trind products that I was excited when I got the chance to review the products. 

I am blessed with nails that grow quickly. But I am always looking for ways to make them healthier. My weak spot is my cuticles. So I am excited to share the Trind Perfect Cuticle and Nail Kit.

You can have the perfect polish job or nail art, but damaged cuticles can ruin the look. I moisturize my hands and cuticles every day. But the bitter winters in Wyoming can sap any moisture right out of my skin. 

Hydrated nails support natural growth and make your nails look fabulous. This three piece set of Trind products is perfect. I used it almost everyday for two weeks and now only use it once a week. It worked miracles on my cuticles and nails. I filed my nails down several times during that two week period as they had chips and were uneven. The nail growth was phenomenal and my cuticles have never looked better.

The Trind Perfect Cuticle & Nail Kit contains three products:
  • Trind Cuticle Repair Balsam helps prevent dry cuticles and hangnails.
  • Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam contains natural moisturizers that hydrate dry, brittle nails.
  • Trind Nail Repair will strengthen your nails and prevent discoloration.

My favorite part of this three piece kit is the Cuticle Balsam. It worked wonders on my cuticles. I have a spot on my right middle finger that is dry and rough no matter how often I moisturize or use cuticle oil. I have worked on that spot with no noticeable results. Within three days of using the Cuticle Balsam the spot was much better. After a week it was gone - simply gone. 

The instructions say to use the products every day for the first two weeks and then cut back to once a week. So that's exactly what I did. The balsams have a slight, mild scent to them. I can't quite describe it except to say it reminds me of the scent of a hair permanent. Although it isn't as harsh as that - it is quite mild.

The Nail Balsam made my nails look and feel better. And the Nail Repair was a great addition to my nails. It added a protective layer and was smooth and glossy. 

Here are my nails on February 20, 2014. I have Elevation Polish "Aiguilles D'arves" on my nails.

And these are my nails on March 4, 2014. I am wearing Colors by Llarowe "Feelings, Whoa, Whoa Whoa." I filed them quite a few times in this two week period as they were uneven and chipped. I love the way they grew quickly so I could file them in the shape I wanted.

I have more Trind products to share with you. But this is one I can't see me being without. It has a cost of $49. You can find where to purchase it here But it will last well over a year because you only need to use it every week or two after the initial two-week period. That's less than $1 a week. I spend more than that on moisturizer and cuticle products. And if it will keep my nails and cuticles healthy it is completely worth it.

These products were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in color display. 

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