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NK nail polish swatches

Friday, May 18, 2012

I saw a set of NK polish at Ross. I wasn't sure I should get it but it had five colors and was only $5.99. The clincher was a gorgeous teal color...

The colors are the following:

  • Flamboyant - a shimmery gold,
  • Luscious Purple,
  • Teal,
  • Silver, and
  • Fuchsia Chiffon.
I do wonder if they got tired of naming their polish. A couple of them have clever names and the rest simply have the color as the name.

The polishes actually applied very well. Good coverage and great shine. I used two coats except for the Teal. I used three coats of that and I am glad I did. Look at that color! The swatches below are without a top coat. The brushes were actually very nice and applied the polish evenly. The polishes do show brush strokes but that doesn't bother me so much.

The Silver and Flamboyant I probably won't wear by itself. But I bet it will be great for nail art.

All in all - if I see these polishes again and they have the bright colors I would buy again.

NK Nail Polish

NK Flamboyant

NK Fuschia Chiffon

NK Luscious Purple

NK Teal

NK Silver


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