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Loreal colors and swatches

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yesterday I was at Walgreens and thought I would grab a couple of the Loreal polishes as they were buy one get on 50 percent off. I had only tried Loreal a couple of times as I have never had one "call my name." I decided to give them a shot.

I tried Jet Set to Paris, Safari Chic, Now You Sea Me and Spice Things up.

The formula I thought was okay. Two coats provided sufficient coverage but for some reason I seemed to get quite a few little bubbles during application. The bubbles disappeared after the polish dried though. They do have a high gloss which I always like. The pigment to the polish is nice and rich.

My two favorites are Jet Set to Paris and Spice Things Up.

Jet Set to Paris is a vibrant blue. It's not too bright but it's still bold. 

Spice Things Up is a wonderful warm color and I would say "spice" defines the color well. 

Now You Sea Me is a seafoam blueish green. A nice cool color.

And my least favorite is Safari Chic. It is an olive drab color that I really don't see myself wearing. But to be honest I should have gathered that from the name.

Jet Set to Paris

 Happy Polishing!
Spice Things Up
Now You Sea Me

Safari Chic


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