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Jessica nail polish spam and swatches

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I recently purchased some Jessica nail polish and... wait... I really didn't buy anything for me this time of year. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

I have four wonderful shades to share with you tonight.

These polishes have a great formula. A couple of them could actually be one-coat polishes! The colors are wonderful and the shine is amazing. I do wish the dry time were a little faster. But it wasn't painfully slow - it took a little longer than others to dry.

Let's move on to the swatches.

Cinnamon Kiss - is a wonderful, deep, shimmery garnet shade.  This is one of my favorites. This is two coats but I think I could have easily gotten away with one coat.

Jessica - Cinnamon Kiss nail polish
Jessica - Cinnamon Kiss nail polish

Dangerously Dark - is a rich vampy wine shade. If you like deep purple shades this one is definitely for you.

Jessica - Dangerously Dark nail polish
Jessica - Dangerously Dark nail polish

Gingersnap - is hands down my favorite of these.  It is a deep bronze shade that has hints of a lovely rosy pink and brown shades.

Jessica - Gingersnap nail polish
Jessica - Gingersnap nail polish

Jessica - Gingersnap nail polish
Jessica - Gingersnap nail polish

Iridescent Eye - is a rich gold shade that shifts to an azure blue. It has lots of shimmer to it.

Jessica - Iridescent Eye nail polish
Jessica - Iridescent Eye nail polish
I purchased these Jessica nail polishes at for $6 each. Jessica is definitely a polish to add to your collection.

Jessica swatches and review

Friday, June 8, 2012

While I was at TJ Maxx today I happened to stop by the cosmetics section (It's my story) and I stumbled across Jessica nail polishes. I haven't tried this brand before and a person that was walking by twisted my arm to buy a few of the boxes. (Again, it's my story.)

Each box had four polishes and a clear coat and cost $5.99.

I swatched all of them for you except for a couple of the nude colors. The polishes had a great application and dry time. Most of them were opaque after 2 coats and dried to a dazzling shine.

Let's get to the swatches! I did not use a top coat on any of these. All have two coats unless specified otherwise.

Jessica Blue Diamond
 Jessica Blue Diamond is a rich navy blue with shimmer and shine. It has tiny flecks of sparkle.

Jessica Double Dipped
Double Dipped is a deep, dark chocolate color. Lots of pigment and gloss in this one.
Jessica Shopping on Rodeo
Shopping on Rodeo is a wonderful fuchsia shade that has micro glitter infuse throughout. This is a gorgeous color but it definitely needs a top coat to smooth it out and provide a lustrous shine.
Jessica Golden Confetti over Shopping on Rodeo
Golden Confetti is a glitter topcoat and its name definitely fits it. Lots of micro glitter with larger holographic pieces throughout,

Pointer finger and middle finger - Imperial Rouge. Ring and pinkie - Chilled Chambord
I swatched these together to show you how close the really are. Imperial Rouge is a rich maroon color and may have just become one of my favorites. Chilled Chambord is a comparable deep red but just a little redder and lighter than Imperial Rouge.

Jessica Malibu Chic
Malibu Chic is a vibrant neon pink. But I get the feeling it has been done many times. This did take three coats.
Jessica Only in Venice
Only in Venice is a bright neon orange. Lots of shine. But like Malibu Pink it needed three coats to opaque.

Jessica Scene Stealer
Scene Stealer is a wonderful teal color with lots of shimmer and shine. But using this handle was a beast!

Jessica Sunrise
Sunrise is a shimmery bronze that applied like silk. A wonderful color that reminds me of a brand new penny.
Jessica Velvet Rose
Velvet Rose is a gorgeous color of deep pink. Almost fuchsia but not quite. This one also went to my favorites list.
Jessica Touching me Softly over Velvet Rose

Touching Me Softly is a shimmer top coat. It would be great if you wanted to tone down a color a bit.

So what do you think? Are you going to be making a trip to TJ Maxx?

Bottom line: I would definitely buy these again. A great bang for the buck and most all the polishes had a great formula.


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