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COS Bar nail polish - now at Target

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I was excited about COS Bar making a special, affordable line for Target. COS Bar is a high-end cosmetics company based out of Aspen, Colorado.

COS Bar nail polish for Target
 So when I saw the display today I grabbed all four colors of this new line. The colors are (and I have to admit I am pretty disappointed that the colors don't have names.) the following: Lime Green, Purple, Orange and a Bronze/Brown.

The formulas varied by the color. The green was pretty sheer. But I layered it over black and a white to experiment. It is a pretty color with a vibrant shine to it.

The orange covered well and is a gorgeous sun-kissed orange with shimmer and shine.

The purple was extremely sheer but by the third coat I was happy with the coverage.

The bronze/brown covered extremely well and is my favorite color of the bunch... and I am not even a brown fan. But the glimmer and glitz in this polish are amazing. Wait, looking at the photos maybe my favorite is the orange...

The polishes sell for $3 at Target. An extremely affordable price. I can't wait until new colors are released.

Happy Polishing

COS Bar lime green. Ring finger - black base; pinkie - white base
COS Bar Purple
COS Bar Orange

COS Bar Bronze/Brown


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