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I enjoy many hobbies. But the nail art and polish collecting is one of my favorites. I am a mother of two grown boys and have an empty nest. I enjoy creating nail art and trying out new polishes. Nail art is a therapy of sorts. It unwinds me after a long day at work (I have a full-time career in public relations during the day.) Creating intricate patterns puts me in a focused mode and I don't think about the pressures of the day.

I enjoy camping, fishing and reading when I am not behind the polish desk. My three dogs also keep me hopping.

I love to hear from each of you and I get daily inspiration from my interactions with you. Thanks for visiting!


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  1. I love your description :) I can find a little bit of me in it... even 3 dogs :) and by the way..i'm really amazed by all the giveaways on your Facebook page and because I'm a nailpolish and nail art freak i just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity ;) Best reagrds Karolina (Karolina's Nails)


I may not always have time to respond to your comments. But I read each and every one of them.


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