Fun Nail Art Ideas You’ve Probably Never Thought About

There is never anything wrong about showing off your nails. If it looks great, you have all the right in the world to brag about it. It is a great way to bond with your girlfriends. When they see you have lovely looking nails, they won’t stop talking about it. After all, it would be great to feel great about yourself and it all starts with the fingernails. You know you would not want it to look normal especially when you are attending a big gathering. You’re going to get some ideas from friends. Here are some fun nail art ideas you’ve probably never thought about:

Solar System

Some gold drawings of crosses and stars would make your nails look like the solar system. It is a grand example of how far manicurists have come in terms of creativity. The good part about this design is it is not that hard to do since crosses and stars are easy to draw.

Cherry on Top

Cherry fingernails would always give an awesome vibe. It would give other people the impression that you are such a fun-loving person. It also has a deep meaning since cherries are often the finishing touches to a dessert dish which means you’re often the missing piece to a project.

Social Butterfly

Why not use stickers to put butterflies on your nails? That will make other people think that you are a social butterfly and you like mingling with other people. It would also give the sense of smelling the nice smell of nature when it is spring. You know you would want to smell fresh air when you finally get out of the house.

Color Pop

How about an assortment of different colors on your fingernails that would make it look like neon pop? That would be an awesome idea as you would not even notice the number of people who are captured by your fingernails. The more colors it has, the more attracted other people would be. In addition, you’re going to feel more confident about showing it off.

Pink All Round

Make your fingernails all pink then take a pen to draw straight lines onto your nails. It would make the design sort of like a minimalist type.

Eye Gouging

Putting eyes on your fingernails is not as hard as it sounds. There is natural shape of an eye already on your nails. You would just need to use the shape on your nails as a basis for drawing the eyes. It won’t be long before it becomes such a work of art.

All the above nail art ideas look great. The style you choose would most likely depend on the occasion or event you are attending. Whatever the case, don’t be shy about showing them off. You know you are going to be in a class of your own if a lot of people praise you. You may even want to do the style again in the future if that happens.

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