Digital Dozen remembers childhood - Tire swing nail art

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's day four of the Digit-al Dozen Childhood theme. I chose to do more detailed nail art than I have created so far for this challenge. I love this tire swing in a tree.

It actually wasn't too difficult I used a larger raggedy brush to dab on the leaves of the trees. I used Zoya Flynn for the brown dirt. Who doesn't remember the worn dirt area under the swing? Then I used Colors by llarowe Mile High Manicure for the blue in the sky. The rest was created using acrylic paints.

This brings back so many memories. A warm summer day in the swing; hair flying as we went to and fro. Times were simple then.

Let's take a look.

Tire swing in a tree nail art

Tire swing in a tree nail art

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  1. Tire swing! How fun! Awesome mani!

  2. These are too adorable! I absolutely loved tire swings and always wished so badly to have one of my own!

  3. This is a total work of art - it really transports me to the place.

  4. that is sooo perfectly rendered - I can almost smell the sun and breeze

  5. Amazing nail art! I always wanted a tire swing. Instead I just climbed trees when my parents weren't looking.


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