Zoya Satin Collection for 2015: swatches, review

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zoya released their Satin Collection for 2015. These soft neutral colors are sure to be a palate cleanser.

These soft shades also have a soft finish. They aren't quite matte and they aren't quite glossy. So is it semi-matte or semi-glossy. That's kind of the half-full or half-empty debate. I do wish they had more of a matte finish. But they are still pretty colors.

Let's take a look. These are all show with two coats of polish. These satin polishes are designed to wear with no base or top coat. So that is how I am showing them. You need to let the polish dry completely before applying another coat, which adds to the application time. But if you don't wait, you will get a lot of dragging when you apply it. Also, I found that it applies much easier if I am a bit heavy-handed with the application.

Ana is a soft toasty almond creme polish. It's a great nude polish for everyday wear.

Zoya Ana

Brittany is a soft rosy mauve creme polish. This soft, subtle polish is suitable for wearing almost anywhere.

Zoya Brittany

Leah is a taupe creme polish with just a tinge of lavender. I love this shade of polish.

Zoya Leah

Rowan is a soft suede taupe shade of creme polish. This is one of my favorites of the collection.

Zoya Rowan

Sage is a mossy sage green creme polish. This is a gorgeous shade for the spring season.

Zoya Sage

Tove is a soft slate gray creme with a slight hint of dusty blue. I love this shade. It's subtle, yet has a great color.

Zoya Tove

All in all the shades are pretty. I do wish they were either completely glossy, or completely matte.

These polishes are available for $9 each. For more color information, or to purchase these polishes, visit the Zoya website. Follow Zoya on Facebook for current information and new releases.

These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note that computer monitors may display colors differently.

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  1. I am not really a fan of mattes/satins, so I'd probably top coat them. I do love Sage though...it's a very pretty green! Also, I think Ana would make a great base for some nail art.


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