Digital Dozen Day 5: Stripes and hearts nail art

Friday, February 13, 2015

Today is Day five - the final day - of the Digital Dozen Patterns on Patterns theme. Being a part of the Digital Dozen has challenged me to try different ideas and designs. Of course, don't be surprised to see a lot of floral designs mixed in when ever I get a chance.

Today is a different look for me. I used the black Esmaltes Da Kelly tinted polish from the Soap Bubbles collection for my base color. These polishes are translucent, which is what makes it great to use them in nail art. But it's the first time I have used one in a base color. I used two coats so it wasn't too sheer. Then I added black lines using Colors by Llarowe "Vincent." Fancy Gloss "A Sailor's Love" was used to create the hearts.

I love the way it turned out. It was extremely hard to capture in photos though. But I recommend the technique. The opacity difference of the polishes make it interesting - and the pop of red added a bit of flair. 

Make sure to take a look at the other amazing Pattern on Pattern looks by the talented ladies of the Digital Dozen.


  1. I cannot get enough of black and red together. This is totally sexy.

  2. these are sooooo sexy. Brilliant mani x

  3. This is so cool! I love how glossy it is!

  4. Definitely a unique look and i love it!

  5. This is super unique! I love black and red together.

  6. Love the darkness of this mani - v sexy!

  7. Oooh these are so cool and mysterious!

  8. It looks so spooky and sexy at the same time!

  9. This is such a cool abstract effect. At first it reminded me of that spotted nail polish!

  10. Oh my, just found a whole set of DD I missed! Arg! Can't believe I almost missed this! wow


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