North Pole Holiday Nail art

Monday, December 1, 2014

Well, for those of us that celebrate Thanksgiving, it's over for another year. So of course I had to create some holiday nail art. I had a concept in my mind and went for it. It worked out for the most part... My reindeer looks a little silly. But hey, aren't all reindeer silly?

North Pole Christmas nail art

I used Zoya Purity and Blu for the base colors. The light blue and white worked well for the sky and snow. The design was created using acrylic paints. I love using acrylic paints for nail art. If you use a good top coat before you use the paint it is easy to "erase" mistakes with a wet cotton ball or Qtip.

North Pole Christmas nail art

North Pole Christmas nail art

Are you going to be creating any holiday nail art?


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