Jordana Cosmetics - water marble with the Playful Pastels Collection

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The change of the season often means the fashion color palette we use also changes. But I still wear bright or pastel sweaters in the winter. So does our nail palette have to change too? Absolutely not. Wear the colors you want, when you want... 

Jordana has released some gorgeous pastels for you to sport this fall. I haven't swatched the individual shades yet as the colors were screaming to be used in a water marble. So let's take a look!

Water marble nail art
Water marble nail art
Water marble nail art
Water marble nail art
I used Whimsical White for a base color. Then I marbled with the remaining shades: Merry Mint, Pink Petunia, Sunsational. Baby Blue, and Lively Lilac. They were a dream to marble with. They spread in the water very easily.

This beautiful collection is limited edition so if you want it, you better grab it quickly! These polishes are available for $1.99 on the Jordana Cosmetics website, as well as drugstores. Follow Jordana on Facebook to stay up to date on current collections and releases.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note that computer monitors can display colors differently.


  1. I love brights & pastels when it is cold and dreary outside! This is gorgeous!

  2. Your watermarbling skills are crazy! So many people I know are trying to do WM without any success that it is intimidating! Isn't it funny and wonderful that nail polish can challenge us in so many ways!


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