Leopard print nail art on an eyeshadow base - tutorial

Monday, August 11, 2014

I have a fun tutorial for you today. Leopard print nail art over an eyeshadow base. I wanted something a little different and I got it.
Leopard Print Nail Art
Leopard Print Nail Art
This eyeshadow base can be used as the canvas for so many different nail art looks. Let's take a look at what was used to create this look.

An e.l.f. eyeshadow palette. This EyesLipsFace palette has a wide variety of colors and is inexpensive.

I also used Zoya Tixie, purple and black metallic acrylic paint, gloss acrylic paint, nail foil glue and various nail art tools.

Now let's look at the steps. 

Start off with a base coat to protect and prep your nails. Then apply a silver base coat. I used Zoya Trixie. The silver is the perfect color for the eyeshadow we will be using in a minute. 

Then apply a thin coat of nail foil glue. Nail foil glue is a thin white glue that will remain tacky when it's dry.

Let it dry until it is clear. This just takes a few minutes.

Take a soft brush and apply a thin layer of eyeshadow over the tacky nail glue. Applying several different colors gives it a great marbled look. I used brown, tan, pink, and purple. Don't apply it too thick or when you finish and add your top coat it can cause cracks to form in the colors. If that happens, just wait a few minutes and apply another coat of top coat. 

Now it's time for the spots. I mixed metallic purple and black paint until I got the shade I wanted. 

Using a nail art brush, add spots. I never make mine the same shape. You don't want perfect circles - just basically splotches. 

Now use black paint (or polish) and add definition around the spots. You don't want to be too light handed - don't be afraid to make thicker lines to make it dramatic. Add random small dots with a dotting tool. 

Add top coat and you have a shimmery, classy leopard print manicure!

Leopard Print Nail Art

Would you try this look? It's a simple way to get a unique manicure.

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  1. Really nice art and to use something that all girls have, smart!


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