Salon Perfect - Disco Glam - 70s inspired glitter top coat collection - swatches, review

Thursday, July 31, 2014

+Salon Perfect is stepping up to the dance floor with its 70s inspired, disco-themed Disco Glam collection. This collection is bright and vibrant and full of flash, fun and glitter.

This limited edition, Top (Coat) of the Class collection is reminiscent of the disco ball and those shimmery, sparkly dance floor lights.

Let's take a look at this fun collection that is fit for a dancing queen.

Disco Ballin' is an electric blue and silver micro-glitter top coat. I love the depth it adds to the base color, Wild Blue Yonder. It's a dream to apply and will have you heading down to Funky Town in no time.

Salon Perfect - Disco Ballin'
Salon Perfect - Disco Ballin'
Disco Diva is a bar glitter that is infused with purple and holographic bar fibers. I have it on here over Plum Sorbet. It did take a little extra effort to apply. Just make sure to apply light coats and be patient so the fibers lay flat. But the end result is worth a little extra effort. The extra sparkle will have you doing The Hustle.

Salon Perfect Disco Diva
Salon Perfect Disco Diva
Foxy Lady is a hot pink and silver glitter top coat that has loads of disco ball sparkle. It looks great over Tickled Pink. It applied easily and evenly. This heavenly pink top coat will have you loving the night life. It's classy and chic.

Salon Perfect Foxy Lady
Salon Perfect Foxy Lady
Which is your favorite? Mine is definitely Disco Ballin'. These Salon Perfect Polishes will be available in August at select +Walmart  stores nationwide for $3.98. 
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These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love the 60s and 80s ones, but i'll have to see these in person to be sure if i want any. can't wait for the decade polishes' release date!!

  2. I like the blue the best, but the bars are not bad, I usually don't care for them, but you made it work!


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