Salon Perfect floral gradient nail art

Friday, May 16, 2014

Salon Perfect introduces Bloom in Color, a collection of nail art essentials including 2-packs of nail polish in the hottest shades, 3-pack nail art liners, and nail art kits. And I am excited to be able to share some of these duos and nail art kits with you! 

For this look I used Pocketful of Posies and Cupcake from the Bloom 7 duo and the Salon Perfect Liner Basics kit. The pinks in the Bloom 7 duo are perfect for a gradient ombre look.

Salon Perfect In Bloom 7 duo and Liner Basics
Salon Perfect In Bloom 7 duo and Liner Basics

I started off with Pocketful of Posies for the base color. I did use three coats as it is a very soft and light pastel pink. Then I added Cupcake for the darker pink in the gradient. These polishes were easy to work with. 

Then I grabbed the liners. These liners are perfect for anyone who wants to do nail art. Especially if you want to experiment, but don't want to invest the dollars for nail art brushes. This trio of liners is only $4.98.

Salon Perfect Liner Basics
Salon Perfect Liner Basics
The liners applied nice even lines and allowed me to adjust the width of the lines for the flowers and leaves.

Salon Perfect floral gradient nail art
Salon Perfect floral gradient nail art

Salon Perfect floral gradient nail art
Salon Perfect floral gradient nail art

Stay tuned as I have several other kits to try out and share with you.  
These duos and kits are bursting with color. Best of all, they definitely won’t burst your wallet – each retails for just $4.98! Normally the individual shades retail for $3.98 and the liners for $1.98 – such a bargain! You can find these at Walmart stores nationwide.

With vibrant neons, sweet pastels, matte glitters and more, Salon Perfect makes creating seemingly intricate nail art designs a breeze. Choose from:
·         12 In Bloom pastel polish 2-packs
·         10 Neon POP polish 2-packs
·         2-piece Neon Basic polish sets
·         2-piece Lacquer Basics color and top coat sets
·         3-piece Nail Art Liner packs
·         Nail Art Kits packed with studs, glitters, foils and more

I can't wait to share more of these kits with you. They are fun and make creating nail art painless and affordable.

These products were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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