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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I fell asleep a couple of nights ago wondering where my weekend had gone - and if you have ever been in my head (warning... don't go there.) you would understand that my mind takes leaps and jumps and never arrives at its destination in a straight line. So my mind jumped back over the last 20 to 30 years and I wondered why, seriously how, I had become a nail blogger.

To explain this, I am going to have to tell you information about me that you probably don't need to know. But trust me... it all fits in the story.

I have always started into projects or hobbies with trepidation. Then if it is something I even remotely like I dive into it and soon it encompasses my life. I like that. I have learned so many things that way. I had wanted a horse since I could remember. So when I joined the Air Force and moved to Wyoming it was only a few years until I had one... then I had 12 paint horses and was showing them at national levels. I even had one that got third in the world. Then he got some strange and rare disease and I had to say goodbye to him. It broke my heart and I was done.

So then I moved on to other things... fishing and camping with the family consumed me. This is still one of my passions in life though. There have been other things in life that filled my closets and barn with particles of my hobby-infested life. Sewing, crochet, and other obscure things all had a part in my hither and yon life.

Then something happened that completely changed my life. I had an empty nest. How on earth would I fill all that time and that deep empty spot in my life? I started dabbling in nail polish. Now remember what I said earlier about being in the Air Force? Being military meant I couldn't wear bright colors or intricate nail art. Not that I ever even thought about it then... I was in the zone... I spent my days wearing camouflage on the firing range. Having well manicured nails would not have gone so well with fixing and shooting all sorts of weapons. The same thing goes for owning horses. Hauling hay, mucking stalls and exercising horses is hard on your hands and nails. So once I started wearing nail polish I found a side of life that I hadn't known in years. I could be a girl! I could actually wear colors! So, knowing my tendency for diving into hobbies it was only natural that it would lead to the next step. I wanted to blog.

Little did I know what I was getting in to... But I love it. I love the fact that I have conversations with women who know fashion and polish. I have learned so much. But now I want to let would-be bloggers know some of the life.

Only do it while it's fun for you. When I get to the point where it isn't fun, I take a break. You can't let it become a job. Well, unless it is your job. For me it's a hobby. I have a full time job and I blog for fun.

Don't do it for "free" products. Those products can be few and far between. They have introduced me to brands I never would have known, but they also can become overwhelming. I love getting stuff to review. But I also like the times when I don't receive anything. It means I can create nail art. And for me, creating nail art is one of the most incredible stress relievers there is in life. I think about nothing else but what I am doing. It's therapeutic. 

Don't worry about trying to keep up with other bloggers. Do what you can do. Don't compare yourself to someone else. Learning from them is one thing. Becoming consumed with competing is quite another.

Try to stay in a drama-free zone. This is one of the most important things I can stress. It's a big scary world out there. Surround yourself with honest and true people. This leads right back to only blogging while it is fun.

As for me; my empty nest has come and gone, and come and gone again. For now I have an empty nest. But who knows what hobby will strike me next week, or next year? But being a nail blogger has lasted longer than most of my obsessions. It's easier to take care of than horses too. And with that, I need to think of another nail art idea for tomorrow.


  1. what great insight into your life! I think that is good solid advice there at the end as well.

  2. Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing your personal views

  3. Loved this post, you're awesome!!

  4. Very cool! I love reading more about bloggers :) theres so much more to us than our nails :)

  5. "Have fun" is the best piece of advice there is. When it stops being fun, it's time to move on :)

  6. I am so delighted there are nail bloggers out there who share their beautiful polishes with us, the fans! On one hand, it is *really* hard on our wallets, but, oh my, the pretties y'all show us. I personally don't know how you do it, even if you didn't have a full time outside job. My mind would be nagging/pressuring me to post everyday, which would drive me crazy. lol, That's where your advice to only do it if it is still fun would come in handy! I can only imagine how much time and expense goes into being a nail blogger. Just be assured that your postings are very appreciated - I love the pretties!

  7. Oh, and btw, I also have that full steam ahead focus on each new hobby I get interested in. Luckily, I've lived long enough that my interests have ebbed and flowed so it's basically like I have just set one interest down for awhile and it's there waiting for me to pick back up again when that feeling surges again. This nail polish thing seems to be lasting quite a while! Hoping it will be one of those few interests that never go away!

  8. I loved reading this post :) Thanks for sharing!


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