Fun floral nail art tutorial

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I was browsing through photos and realized I had this tutorial that I created for that I have never posted. 

I enjoyed this nail art because fashion and style can mimic the colors of nature. This bright floral nail art is one way to share the vibrant hues of nature.

Floral Nail Art
Floral Nail Art

This nail art is quite easy when it is broken down into steps. Flowers are amazingly forgiving to paint because they don’t have to be perfect. The imperfection is often what makes them stand out.

Start with a light base color. I used Zoya Jacqueline. It is a soft off-white cream shade which is a perfect canvas for the flowers. 

Use a striping brush to apply a diagonal line across the nail. I used a shimmering dark green – Zoya Suvi. 

Then apply pink petals on the top right of the diagonal line. The petals can be made easily using a medium size nail art brush. Just push down on the nail and pull to the center while lifting up on the brush. Zoya Whitney is the perfect bright pink for the flowers. 

Then use a small dotting tool to apply two small purple flowers with round petals. 

Use a bright blue polish to apply a smaller version of the pink flowers on the bottom right of the diagonal line. Zoya Breezi is a wonderful blue to use for these flowers.
Use a dotting tool to apply yellow and orange to the center of the flowers. Zoya Creamy and Arizona are perfect for this.

Using the nail brush again apply leaves using a lighter green polish. Zoya Midori is a medium shade of green and makes a lovely shade for leaves. 

Floral Nail Art
Floral Nail Art

Use a darker green to apply a thin line in the center of each leaf. This adds detail and definition to the leaf and completes the look.

Finish the look with a top coat. Make sure the polish is dry before the top coat is applied though or it will smear. This is finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.

This nail art will make the fashion conscience woman’s nails spring to life with color and style.

Some of these polishes were provided to me for an honest review. Some were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. Please note that computer monitors may show colors differently.


  1. Gorgeous, really fabulous mani!

  2. Gorgeous! It is so vibrant and perfect for spring <3

  3. i would try this one too along with the daisies and gradient floral. :) great job on all! :)

  4. My favorite one I would love to learn this!!

  5. Love this look! The simplicity and the placement of the flowers is just great :)

  6. Would love to try these! They're so simple but so so pretty!


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