Zoya Dream Boxes make a return

Monday, November 25, 2013

Zoya has done it again. The Dream Boxes are being released. I purchased one of these last year for my niece. The packaging is amazing and the contents are a dream! 

Thanksgiving night and Black Friday only there is a special deal!

Available with any $72 purchase on Zoya.com. USE CODE: DREAM BIG.

Includes 12 piece Zoya “Cheers to All” Gift Box (above), Zoya Color Lock Mini and FREE SHIPPING. More than a $118 Value. 

HURRY - EXTREMELY Limited Quantities - while supplies last. Limit one per customer or account. 

Valid 6 p.m. EST Nov. 28, 2013 until Nov. 29, 2013 11:59 p.m. EST. only.

Nail Polish Dreaming reaches new heights this holiday season with the release of Zoya Dream Boxes, curated nail polish color combinations delivered in deluxe black gift boxes of three and six or simply order a box and fill ‘em up yourself, with more than 300 gorgeous hues, the possibilities are almost endless. Pssssst.... they make a gorgeous gift when stacked tall too!

Supplies are very limited - Order early! 

Find the deals on the Zoya.com website

Zoya Dream Boxes - Trios

  • ZPDRMBX1301 - Tinsel Time: includes Zoya Ziv, Storm and Trixie. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1302 - Glittering Gift: includes Zoya Storm, Payton and Blaze. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1303 - Fireside Chic: includes Zoya Black Swan, Casey and Sam. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1304 - Oh What Fun: includes Zoya Aurora, Dream and Logan. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1305 - Roasty Toasty: includes Zoya Lael, Timo and Envy. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1306 - Warm Wishes: includes Zoya Maria Luisa, Sarah and Asia. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1307 - Merry and Bright: includes Zoya Alegra, Ivanka and Charla. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1308 - Ice is Nice: includes Zoya Ziv, FeiFei and Daul. $24 (US). Shown Left.
  • ZPDRMBX1309 - Rosey Cheeks: includes Zoya Kerry, Tinsley and Bobbi. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1310 - Cozy Cashmere: includes Zoya Nyx, Vespa and Godiva. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1311 - Starry Night: includes Zoya Tomoko, Dahlia and London. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1312 - Sparkling Lights: includes Zoya Carter, Sunshine and Arabella. $24 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1313 - Keep it Cozy: includes Zoya Flynn, Hunter, Livingston, Mason, Neve and Channing. $48 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1314 - Sugar Rush: includes Zoya Tomoko, Dahlia, Chyna, Arabella, Carter and Sunshine. $48 (US).
  • ZPDRMBX1316 - Festive Favorites: includes Zoya Maria Luisa, Storm, Kissy, Blaze, Aurora and Mosheen. $48 (US).

Zoya Dream Boxes - Build your own

  • ZPBLBOX03 - Build Your Own Box - Trio (3): Order the box and fill it up with three of your own polish picks. $24 (US).
    ZPBLBOX04 - Build Your Own Box - Six (6) Pack: Order the box and fill it up with six of your own polish picks. $48 (US).
Press release from Zoya

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