NOTD: Halloween nail art - Is it a cat? Or an owl?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Well, I was feeling ambitious and decided I needed some art therapy. That's what nail art is to me - therapy. It completely relaxes me and I don't think about anything else. 

Unfortunately what I got was a little animal morphing. This is supposed to be a cat, wearing a witch hat, on a fence. But I think it looks more like an owl. But wait... it has a tail? Yeah, my attempt at creating a cat went awry.

Well, I decided to share it with you anyway. I will definitely be trying this again - but I won't put the tail on until I decide what animal it is going to actually be.

Halloween nail art - It's a cat. No, it's an owl.
Halloween nail art - It's a cat. No, it's an owl.
I used Zoya Ibiza for the base color - but you can't really see it through the fence rails. The rest of it is acrylic paint applied with a nail art brush. I love using acrylic paint. Hobby Lobby had their acrylics on sale for 30% off last week. I may have picked up a couple - or 25 - when I went there.

The products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. These are adorable! And I completely agree...nail art is therapy for me too! <3

  2. I think it definitely works as a cat! So cute!

  3. I think it looks like a cat! I very much enjoy wearing nail art too!

  4. I totally think it looks like a cat! It's cute!!

  5. Ag cute man! It definitely looks like cats to me :)

  6. Hey it's it could be a cat in an owl costume...or an owl in a cat costume.... :D


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