It's Bargain Friday

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Bargain Friday!
Each week I search the net to bring you sales and deals from around the web. Keep in mind that I haven't necessarily tried these items - I am just passing along sales. This week's list for bargain Friday is short but has some amazing deals on it!

Sephora collection Nail Polishes: Four colors available:  Sale price $1. Regular price $4.

Urban Decay has some amazing sales on their page. 
  • Glide on eye pencils: Sale price $6. Regular price $19.
  • Stardust eyeshadow: Sale price $5. Regular price $20
  • And lots more!

Girly Bits
has some of her amazing nail polishes on sale for $6.

Feel free to comment with any deals that you may know about and want to share.   


  1. I remember last time I bought the sephora black nail polish which was on sale. couple of days later, dried out completely.. :(

    1. Oh no! That's good to know. Thanks for sharing. :)


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