It's Bargain Friday - Where are the bargains?

Friday, September 6, 2013

And it’s Bargain Friday! This is a new concept for the blog and I hope everyone enjoys it. I always love looking for – and finding - deals! I don't have many shopping choices in my town so I tend to order from the Internet.

I highlighted a few items. If you want to add any deals you know of feel free to add them in the comments! 

Sephora+PantoneUniverse Spectral Lacquer –Antique Gold is on sale for $5. Regular price is $10.

DeborahLippmann Forsaken Bad Things Mini Nail Trio – on sale for $10. Regular Price is $25. (Only 4 left) Sold out!

HairDiamond Feather Extensions – HairDiamond Fashion Feather Hair Extension with Crystal Bead – Pink, Turquoise Blue/Black and Red. On sale for $5. Regular Price $50. I know it's not polish but my nieces would love these!

DeborahLippmann Forsaken Lip Color and Nail Lacquer – On sale for $13.95. Regular price is $28.

Sephora by OPI Ultra Glam Set of four – on sale for $15.50. Regular price is $31.
Sephora by OPI 5-piece Perfect Reds Nail Lacquer Set – on sale for $12.87. Regular price is $29.75.
There are several more deals like this on the QVC clearance page. 

What are you going to score?


  1. Well this series will be terrible for my wallet! :p Love it!!

  2. Ohh awesome post! I'm eyeing the Deborah Lippmann stuff!

  3. Great post! I may need to make a Deborah Lippmann purchase now ;)

  4. Great idea! Not great for my wallet!

  5. Sinful Colors nail polish on sale at Walgreens for 99¢ each.


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