An Angel on Her Shoulder

Sunday, September 29, 2013

This is a different kind of post for me. I thought hard about this and finally decided to share this.

Things can happen that make you believe... They make us realize that we may only be here for a short time and to take each day and make it count for something. Recently something happened to my family, friends and community that made me realize that each moment is a gift.

Mariah Motschman was in a tragic car accident just outside of Greeley, Colo., on Aug. 15, 2013. There were five people in the car and three of them died at the scene. Our community mourns the loss of those young, vibrant individuals.

Mariah was with her boyfriend and three friends. She is an employee of my husband and also a close friend. The accident happened when the the driver fell asleep at the wheel - alcohol was not a factor in the crash. She was flown by helicopter and admitted into an excellent trauma hospital. Her injuries were critical - a broken neck, back, and jaw, and she was in a state of comatosis.

Since then Mariah has come a long way.  She is making tremendous progress and has suffered through a couple of successful surgeries, and has finally come out of her coma. The day she opened her beautiful brown eyes was a glorious day. However she has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of her as her injuries are severe and she has a traumatic brain injury. Her family hopes to move her to a long-term rehabilitation hospital in the near future. 

Some family friends have put together a site to raise funds for her medical care. If you can donate - even a few dollars would help. If you can't I understand - prayers are just as appreciated.

Thank you - and thank you to the angel that was on her shoulder that night.  


  1. Sharing and will be donating god bless her and praying for strength and determination for her recovery

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. Will share this and donate what I can. Thank you for sharing Kelly

  3. Sending love her way and thinking of her and her family.


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