Let it snow! Snowflake nail art

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I watched millions of fluffy white snowflakes swirl their way down to the ground last night. They formed about a nine inch soft thick blanket across the ground.

From my view inside a nice warm house they looked gorgeous so I decided to recreate a snowflake inspired manicure. I saw this lovely nail art that Pinked Polish sported on her nails and I decided I had to do the same concept.

Snowflake Nail Art
Snowflake Nail Art

I used a coat of Zoya Purity for the base color and then topped it off with Essie Tennis Corset. That created the soft, glistening canvas I wanted to capture.

Then I used Color Club Halo Hues "Blue Angel" and a nail art brush to create different size snowflakes on my nails. I was amazed how well the blue holographic polish showed against the white background.

I have to say I love the final look of this nail art. What I didn't love was that white fluffy stuff creating a three-foot drift in my driveway. I also don't love how the cold dry weather is making my hands dry and chapped. But I have an amazing hand cream to share with you soon. I can't wait to try it.


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