How To Do Your Own Christmas Tree Nail Art

Are you wondering how to do your own Christmas tree nail art? Well, On the Christmas nail calendar should be the classic Christmas tree, which you should do on your nails at home. There are several ways to create a mini Christmas tree on your nails. You can take the hidden, naked path as you did with the Christmas lights in the tutorial last week, or choose the real deal. For this tutorial, I decided to go with the last one.

I have found different techniques for creating nail designs for Christmas trees and described below. Read on to find out how to create your nail art Christmas!

However, to get the best Christmas nails, I thought it made sense to start with two well-known holiday icons: snow and Christmas trees.

Although I live in a region that does not snow in winter, it is still a Christmas sign. It may be because of the snowy songs or because of Santa’s sleigh, but when I think of Christmas, I also think of snow. As for the tree, placing a tree is a tradition, and most houses have one on their windows. Christmas (for me) would not be without these two things, so transforming them into a festive nail design will undoubtedly put you in the Christmas spirit!

I know these designs seem challenging to implement on your nails at home, but they were straightforward to achieve. I have never used anything fictitious unless you think the pointing tool is excellent. If you don’t have a pointing tool, you can do it yourself at home with a toothpick, a sewing pin, a drypoint pen, a pencil, a hairpin, or whatever you can think. The other tools I used were just scotch tape and basic scissors to make the almost perfect Christmas tree cut.

Follow these amazing simple steps you can follow to rethink your nail art during this Christmas:

  • Begin with a clear coat on the base before applying a layer of black enamel on each nail except your circular finger.
  • Instead of black, put a thick layer of white nail polish on your finger.
  • You will use your pointing tool to create a snowy look.
  • Start by clicking on the white enamel spots in groups, very close to the ends of the black nails.
  • Once you’ve covered the tip of each nail, continue to the points that climb on the nail.
  • Apply it gradually as you get closer to your skin.
  • For your circular finger, you will need to fold a piece of tape in half, making sure it can be peeled off. To do this, fold a corner of one of the rough edges.
  • With scissors, cut half of the shape of the tree to have a whole tree when you open it.
  • Consider making three pieces of the three levels of the tree.
  • Pull the elegant tab to open the bar and place the cut tree above the round nail.
  • Paint a layer of red enamel on it and remove the tape before it dries.

And that’s it! The design of the snowy Christmas tree on your nails at home is sure to bring good news this holiday season!