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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's another "Go Pink" Wednesday post. The wonderful lady behind Finger Painting Fingers is coordinating "Go Pink" to promote breast cancer awareness. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know I have said it before but - make a early detection plan and encourage others to do the same.

Each Wednesday during October many bloggers will be working together to wear pink and raise the awareness of breast cancer. Make sure and check out all the other blogs.

For my Think Pink mani I used Nicole OPI Change the World and Look at Me, Look at Me.

Change the World is a wonderful vibrant pink polish with a lot of shimmer. It has a great formula and two coats provided opacity. Look at Me, Look at Me is a glitter polish with silver and pink microglitters. I used a nail art brush to paint the diagonal and v lines.

NOPI Change the World and Look at Me, Look at Me
NOPI Change the World and Look at Me, Look at Me

NOPI Change the World and Look at Me, Look at Me
NOPI Change the World and Look at Me, Look at Me
Make sure to look at all the other Go Pink manis by some super amazing bloggers.


  1. cute mani :) come see mine, too!

  2. Thanks for supporting the pink. I am a 2 time BC survivor now. I really would like to see some bloggers return to the on-going Pink Wednesdays yr round - I think that was great as we need awareness yr round and not just in the focus mo of Oct. I caught my 1st round with this disease myself only 2 months after I had a clean mammogram. I like the design you created here with the stripping pen - I have to copy this - I am so bad at coming up with anything but a tipped line across my nail ends...I need to look at something and follow that. This one looks easy but pretty and right up my alley.

  3. Want you to know I have saved this in my email and I keep running into it when I get new email notices of your next blog posting...I keep coming back here to look - I am in love with this simple design you did across the color with the glitter striper. The little V's look very organic to me, like they are maybe branches of a tree laying across your nail. They remind me of some glitter branches I used to have to put out at holiday time for house decos. Sometimes it's the simple designs that really rock my world! I have done one like this since I saw yours that is semi connected looking like I said above - a branch of a tree with some little side branches coming off it. I have seen a similar branched tree design done only vertical on the nail showing tree branches or flowers and also recall doing some vertically that were pusy willows. Just love love this look - thanks again for giving me the inspiration to do my lines horizontally across the nail.


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