Attempting gradient - still need practice

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I have always loved the look of gradients. I have yet to be able to achieve the look on my own nails. I am getting closer - but still need to practice.

What are your secrets for sponging on gradients?

I used Barielle Polished Princess for the base coat. It is a wonderful shade of green with lots of shimmer and shine.

Then I used a cosmetic sponge torn in pieces to sponge on Barielle Sky's the Limit. I can still see too much of an obvious line for me. But I'm getting there.

Sponged gradient with Barielle Polished Princess and Sky's the Limit
Sponged gradient with Barielle Polished Princess and Sky's the Limit


  1. I suggest painting your nails green, then putting the blue and green together on the sponge. That creates more of a blended sponged look :)

  2. trick is to put a stripe of the base coat ALSO on the sponge- makes them blend together better-

  3. crimsonsoulfire here from sounails, i think it looks good! The trick to gradients is making sure that when you sponge you have to make sure the first sponging is really light at first when you go down the nail then get a bit more "heavy" as you get closer to the tip (free edge) of the nail...not bad tho, i like it :D

  4. Great! I hope to do that sometime soon. :)

  5. Sammy from The Nailasaurus has an awesome pic tutorial for sponging gradients.

    1. Oh, (durr) I forgot to mention i LOVE this color combo. I'm not a huge fan of green, but that color has definitely got my attention

  6. I love that you showed both of them and the trial and error it makes us feel more human lol


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