Feelin' Froggy! nail art

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A dear friend has been under the weather recently. She love frogs. Since there are many miles between us and I couldn't deliver cupcakes to her I decided to do nail art just for her. So Tina I hope you are up and "hopping" around real soon! I couldn't decide on a shade of green but Cult Nails "Feelin' Froggy" was perfect!

Cute frog nail art
Cute frog nail art

I started with a base color of Orly Jealous Much?
Orly Jealous Much?
Orly Jealous Much?
 Then I added a rounded tip with Cult Nails "Feelin' Froggy"

Using a dotting tool I added dots of Feelin' Froggy on top of the rounded tip.

Then using a dotting tool and a brush I added the black for the eyes and the stripe of black for the mouth.

After that I added a small dot of white in the center of the eyes.

I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite top coat. I probably should have waited a few more minutes though because I smeared the eye on the frog on my ring finger. I really like how it came out though. I just wish I had used some swirls of color on the top half of the nail.


  1. So cute and sounds pretty simply! It really looks cute!

  2. I love frogs too...This is so cute and easy...I might do this in the future.

  3. how cute is this?! I love it & my pet frog would, too!

  4. These are beyond cute and so kind. I love them and you got me crying thank you so much A.O. love older than dirt


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