Summer roses - Step by Step

Monday, June 18, 2012

I've got a fun post for you today. I always say I am going to do a step by step guide and I never do. Or I forget to take a couple of pictures.

Well, I did forget to take a couple of photos of steps but I think it will still work.

I decided to do some fun summer roses. It is amazing how easy these really are. Although when I did my right hand I had to hold my tongue just right and point my foot while I was concentrating...

Roses for nail art

Start off with a good base coat to protect your natural nail. Then paint your nail with a nice white color until it is opaque. I used Milani "White on the Spot."

Then put a small amount of a light pink on a piece of paper. I used a white envelope as my palette. I am using a Color Club light pink. Sorry, it doesn't give the name. I am also using an inexpensive paint brush I got at Michaels.

Then simply paint small circles on your nails. They don't have to be perfect circles. I think they are better if they are a little different.

Then put white on your paper and using the same paint brush paint small white lines on the pink dots. You are just trying to add definition.

I forgot to take a photo. But put some red polish on your paper and then do the same with the red polish. You also want to outline some of the circles. Not all the way around, just partially.

Then I used a black striper to create stems and a green striper polish to add leaves. Finish up with a good top coat and you are done! It's actually very easy. The hardest part was finishing my right hand.


  1. looks so beautiful! you make it seem simple :D

  2. That actually is quite simple, seeing as how I have a paint brush, and a striper. I just need a new white. I love it though!

    1. I just bought NYC French Tip White and it is great. Depending on how thick you go you can have full opacity in two to three coats. And it dries fast too. Can't beat the .93€ price tag either.

  3. I love finding new ways to paint roses. I am still doing daisies, haven't yet graduated to roses! :)

    1. It's actually really easy. And I bet your Daisies are beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! <3

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! You made it look really easy! :)

  6. Another amazing nail art and instructions you make it look simple

  7. WOW! You made this look so easy peasy! Definitely bookmarking this! Thanks for the idea.


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