How To Give Yourself A Patriotic Manicure At Home

There is no doubt that a beautiful manicure makes you feel elegant and confident. However, manicure rates being charged by salons are becoming quite unaffordable. Further, many of the salons are closed because of the COVID-19 scare. In such situations, if you are keen on saving time and money on your manicures, it would be a good idea to get the right answer to the question of how to give yourself a patriotic manicure at home. This is very much possible and let us and find out how this can be done right in your home.


You need some important tools and they include nail clippers, nail polish removers, pads, and cotton swabs. You also would need nippers and cuticle pushers, nail and hand moisturizers, nail buffers, and base coat. You should also have with you nail polish, base coat, clear topcoat, and also lip and body balm. With these things, you are ready to start your task of creating a patriotic manicure at home.


The next task is to remove old nail polish. You must buy the right nail polish remover and you could choose between acetone and non-acetone removers. The latter is gentler but the former is known to work more efficiently. They also will be in contact with the skin for a smaller period of time. It depends on the end-users as to which option she should choose


Ensure that the nails are properly clipped and then file them gently so that they are brought into the right shape. It is preferable to have a nail shape that is rounded or even square rounded. You are at liberty to make it as creative as you would like it to be. It would be better to stay away from metal or other rough and coarse nail files because this will minimize splintering.


Ensure that the nails are soaked in warm water. You may add a gentle face cleanser or shampoo. Soaking is crucial but at the same time avoids over-soaking because it could damage the nails and skin. The soaking should be for around three minutes or less.


You should also remove callus and excess cuticles using a good cuticle remover. There are many quality cuticle removers in the market. However, ensure that the cuticle does not sit for more than a few minutes on your nails. Doing so could damage fray the cuticle and could damage the growth of the nail.


Make use of a rich and silky oil in the cuticles so that it stays hydrated and replenished. Once this is done prepare the nail for polish. Clean the moisturizer so that the polish adheres properly to the nail. You could make use of a cotton swab. Make sure that there are no emollients or oil substances left on the skin.


The next step is to start polishing in layers. In case your nails are brittle or weak, make use of a base coating to strengthen the nail base. This base coat will also nail from staining and also may prevent chipping. Ensure that each layer dries before applying the next one. Make use of two coats of color polish and follow it up with a topcoat. If you are painting nails for the first time, make us of a lighter polish. Mistakes if any will not get noticed too easily.

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