Milani High Speed Fast Dry swatches and review

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Milani sent me some gorgeous colors of Milani High Speed Fast Dry polishes to share with you.

These polishes are great. Easy application. They have a super fast dry time and dry to a high gloss. The flat brush makes applying the color a breeze. I used two coats for each swatch except for the white and yellow. And those only took three. White polishes always seem to take a little more to provide an opaque manicure. 

I did have a little problem on the first few polishes with bubbling. But quite honestly I think I was applying the polish a little too thick. But for the most part the polish dried to a smooth, glossy finish. A top coat would have finished the manicure completely. There is no base coat or top coat applied in these swatches.

Let's move on to the swatches.
Milani Black Swift
Black Swift impressed me. A jet black polish with a high gloss shine. The perfect base for nail art or flakes.
Milani Fast Fuchsia
 Fast Fuchsia is a vibrant, fun shade of fuchsia that is flirtatious and bold.
Milani White on the Spot
 I'm excited to find a new brand of white that I like. White on the Spot is opaque in three coats. Most of the whites I have tried take several coats and still apply streaky. No streaking with this one and it has a super glossy shine.

 Jiffy Orange is a bright orange that screams bold and bright. I am normally not an orange fan. But this one will definitely get used.
Milani Hot Pink Frenzy
 Hot Pink Frenzy is exactly what it says. It dries to a high gloss and is fun and sassy.
Milani Rapid Cherry
 Rapid cherry is a true red polish that is a must have for your polish arsenal.
Milani Yellow Whiz
 Yellow Whiz surprised me. I have never had a lot of luck with yellows as it seems to take many coats to get to an opaque state. This is three coat and I probably could have gotten by with two. A vibrant yellow with a super shine.
Milani Violet Dash
Violet Dash is a wonderful color of purple. It is a lovely shade that reminds me of hyacinths in spring. 

All of these polishes were easy to apply and dried quickly. I liked every single color. Make sure you apply in thin coats so you don't get bubbles and you will be in love with these polishes. 

Milani High Speed Fast Dry polishes can be found at Walgreens, Target, Kmart, Winn-Dixie and CVS and costs around $4.99.

Bottom line: Milani High Speed Fast Dry polish is an affordable, quality polish. Need a quick change mani? The dry time makes it easy.

The products in this post was sent to me for review.  I was not paid for my review of this product and all opinions are my own.


  1. White on the Spot is my favorite white polish when doing nail art! I love that I get full coverage in one coat, with no streaks! :)

  2. I am in love, your nails look gorgeous!

  3. Perhaps this will be the white I invest in! Thanks for the swatch!


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