Sonia Kashuk "Fairy Princess"

Monday, May 28, 2012

While at Target recently I picked up one of the Sonia Kashuk polishes - Fairy Princess. I hadn't used that brand of polish yet and was anxious to try it.

The color is a beautiful, minty, springlike green. The polish in the bottle looks sparkly and fresh.

However, application of this polish was a beast. It was thick, uneven and actually quite granular. In the photos you can actually see the granular texture.

Sonia Kashuk "Fairy Princess"
Sonia Kashuk "Fairy Princess"

Maybe it was the formula in the bottle I received. I have talked to others who love the brand and highly recommend it. Perhaps I will try the brand again and in the meantime I will add some thinner to the polish to see if that helps.
China Glaze "He's Going in Circles" over Sonia Kashuk "Fairy Princess."

I didn't want to start completely over as polishing time was limited so I quickly went through my stash to see if perhaps there was something that could rescue this manicure.

I decided on China Glaze "He's Going in Circles." This seemed to do the trick and made my manicure bearable again.


  1. Okay you definitely could see it in the nails but putting He's Going In Circles didn't salvage it, it made it amazing. I didn't know about this China Glaze very pretty

  2. You're a girl after my own heart. Adding glitter to make things better! <3

  3. I agree, He's Going in Circles looks fantastic over it!

  4. I'm so blaming you for my purchase of $20. on Amazon at 11 pm last night when hubby asks lol

  5. I recommend trying out Blank Slate (I love that blue gray!), Starry Night, and one that I haven't tried but have heard good things about, Fatigued. Too bad about this one though! That china glaze definitely saved it.


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