OPI Call me Gwenever and dotted flowers

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some days I have little to no creativity. So thank goodness for blogs, Google and friends. Yesterday was one of those days. I pulled polish after polish out of my stash - just to put it away again. A friend, Jessica, had texted me a photo of her nails a couple of days before and I just thought they were stunning. I finally decided on a color - OPI Call me Gwenever - and set to polishing.

I am pretty happy with the results. If I had to do it over again I would have used a smaller dotting tool for the "accent" dots. If you don't have dotting tools don't fret. You can easily make your own with a dotting tool or a pencil with a straight pen. See that blog post here

I do love Call me Gwenever. A luscious reddish-orange with lots of coral tones. It looks a lot more orange here than it really is.

What's your inspiration when your creativity is lacking?

Using dotting for nail art
OPI Call me Gwenever


  1. Hey my two favorites orange and dots! I know all you talented nail women think dots aren't art because they are simple but I love them. No matter how many pictures I see I love them. I do think someone needs to do a zebra nail though I've seen the leopard ones but no zebra

  2. My dots never turn out like that, even with a dotting tool! Yours are so neat and pretty :)

  3. Call me Gwenever is gorgeous! I love your dots - they're beautiful!

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