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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Last week I got a Facebook post from my sister saying she was mailing me a surprise. Of course I assumed it was polish related as we both share the lacquer bug.

I expected the package to arrive on Thursday and was rather shocked when I saw a large box on my porch. I wasn't expecting a box that size to show up.

Sephora Artist polishes
When I heard the rattle of glass against glass I was almost afraid to open it. But Fedex must have been kind as only two bottles met their demise on the journey.

As I browsed through the box of colorful Sephora Artist polishes I couldn't wait to swatch them and show them to you.

The colors do not have a name but instead have a number.

 The formula on the polishes was pretty thin and as I began I feared it would take many coats to get to an opaque state. But to my surprise, except for the bright blue, it only took two coats to get a decent coverage. The polishes also have a wonderful glossy finish. None of the swatches have a top coat. 

So let's get to the color festival.

#004 - A gorgeous steely gray.

#737 - A lovely periwinkle
#663 - A wonderful rose pink
#112 - A stunning seafoam green
#865 - A vibrant neon yellow
(This could probably have used one more coat.)
#797 - A rich peacock blue
#001 - Basic black
#697 - A sultry purple with gray tones

#R20 - A nice nude shade
#357 - A bright tangy orange
#780 - A nice electric blue (but very sheer - this is three coats)
But looks what happens to that electric blue when I put it over black!


  1. did u really painted your nails all those colors in so few days?

    1. I painted my nails all those colors in the last couple of hours... My cuticles are so abused now.

  2. These are awesome!!! And what an amazing Christmas in April present! lol That first grey is just stunning!

  3. Wow that amazing, how many are there in the box? And that nude looks really, really good on you :D

  4. I didn't count. I was too busy drooling. ;)

  5. Your sister must have QUITE the stock of polish if she loves it as much as you do and ccan STILL send you a box of this size!!!! That's a GREAT sister!
    I loved all the swatches you had pictures of and was almost drooling as I looked at that MONSTER box!!!!



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