Practice practice practice. Water marbling

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Water marbling. I always see such cool manis with this that it makes me want to try it more. It is very time intensive but I love the way it looks. 

I used China Glaze White on White, Zoya Breezi and Zoya Whitney.

I started out painting my nails a base color with the China Glaze White on White.

Then after that dried I place scotch tape around my nails to make the clean up easier. 

Then I used a small condiment container with room temperature distilled water. 

Room temperature distilled water

Swirling the design

I put one or two drops of Zoya Breezi in the water. Then I turned the cup around a couple of times. This helps the polish disperse across the top of the water. Then I put a drop of China Glaze White on White and spun the cup around again. Then I put a drop of Zoya Whitney in the center. You want to create a type of bullseye. You have to move relatively quickly as the polish dries fast on the water's surface. 

You can use as many colors and drops as you want for as simple or as complicated as you want it. I wanted a simple design as I had a plan in mind. But needless to say the marbling took on a life of its own and my idea didn't work. But I still like the design.

Water marbling with Zoya
Then I used a toothpick to drag the colors into the center and make a design. Then I placed my nail on top of the part of the design I liked and dipped it under the water. Make sure to lay the nail on at a horizontal angle and not dip it straight down. Don't let your nail hit the side or the bottom of the cup. While my finger was under the water I used a orange stick on the surface of the water and pulled it around the polish to get it away from my nail. I left my nail under the water for about 30 seconds and then pulled it out.

Remove the tape and move on to the next nail repeating the steps. I changed the water about every third nail as bits of polish were on the water's surface and kept the polish from spreading across.

Once all my nails were finished I cleaned up the stray polish from my cuticles, applied a top coat and "Voila!" -- Instant nail art. Actually quite easy although it takes some time.

With a little more practice I am sure I can develop a consistent design.
The right hand came out a little more consistent.


  1. I think this turned out great. Well done. That pink is HOT!!! popping pink and I love it.

    1. I am starting to love marbling. The first time I tried it I said never again!

  2. I am going to attempt my first water marble so I am glad I saw this before . This will def come in handy . Thanks

    1. Share photos! I can't wait to see your awesome marble mani!

  3. I like the pattern that came up on the thumb:)

  4. OMG This is GORGEOUS!!!
    Its totally not looking like the regular water marble and I just LOOOVE your color pick!!!

  5. I just love this look! Someday, someday... Great job!

    1. Thanks. It's actually a lot of fun. Go for it!

  6. Replies
    1. Once I got the hang of it it was pretty easy


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