Pure Ice "Cheatin" = Pure Glitz!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I picked up a Pure Ice "Cheatin" last weekend in my haul. OMG! I love it. It has major glitz and a wonderful application It even had a wonderfully quick dry time.

I took several photos trying to get the shine. There are lots of photos below and I still didn't get it. Someday the sun will come out here in wintery Wyoming. I like to paint my nails at night because after a hectic day at work it really relaxes me. I completely zone out when I am painting them and that helps me to unwind. Unfortunately that means my posts are late for a lot of you and the sun has gone to bed also.

Here are some of the photos of "Cheatin" in all its glittery goodness. This is two coats of "Cheatin" over a purple Prisma brand. The Prisma doesn't list a color. It was from a set I got at Ross. It is actually quite nice by itself.

 Here is the Prisma purple. This is two coats.

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