Nicole OPI "Change the World" and Milani "Disco Lights"

Friday, February 10, 2012

I love the Nicole OPIs. I am not sure what is my favorite aspect of them. Maybe its the awesome thick brush. . . Maybe it is the vibrant colors. . . Maybe it is the shiny coat. . .

Whatever it is it is one of my favorites. . . Except for one. . . I will get into that at the end of this post.

I was trying out Valentine's Day manicures and started off with Nicole OPI "Change the World." It did not disappoint me. I have learned that the more I paint my nails the more I go for the vibrant and bold colors. This one was definitely bold and bright (I can't wait until the sun comes out here in Wyoming so I can get some photos in sunlight!). Needless to say - I loved it. This was two coats.

Then I added a topcoat of Milani "Disco Lights." I love the combo! This was my first time trying Milani. I was favorably impressed!

Now to move onto the Nicole OPI that doesn't have my favor -- "Have a Heart" which makes me tell you not to waste your time or money on it.

While the name may be "Have a Heart" you will be one lucky lacquer junkie if you can manage to get more than one heart on your nail. This was on clearance at Target and I can understand why. I even tried to go fishing for the little glittery hearts and couldn't manage to get the hearts on the brush.

So spend your well-earned money on a polish that will deliver more heart to your manicure.

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