Adventures in stamping

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I love stamping. It makes the simplest manicure look extravagant and fun. For this manicure I used Revlon Plum Nights for the base. What an amazing polish. The deep hues and glassy finish are classy. 

 This is two coats of Plum Nights with a stamp in Sally Hansens Gold Chrome. Sally Hansens brush/pens work great with stampers. I am going to have to get more colors. 

Stamping has a wonderful feature to it. That is the fact that if it isn't perfect it's okay. It just adds to the look. I used my Salon Express stamper. It took a little to get used to and I ended up just diving right in. No guts no glory - right?

Here is the Revlon Plum Nights in direct sunlight - sorry it's so blurry.

And here it is in artificial light. I love this color! Look at that shine - and that is without a top coat.

I ordered full image stamps last night. I can't wait to get them and experiment some more.

Happy polishing!



  1. I'm thinking of purchasing some stamping plates. Which brand do you use? .. or which would you recommend?

  2. I used the ones that came with The salon express to start and while I still use those I have several Konad plates. I do notice that the Konad's have a little deeper well and seem to stamp a little better. Plus they have an awesome collection. So I would say order Konad. But I am trying to get my hands on one of those Brazilian plates.

    Let me know!



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