Scotch tape - Glittery Valentine's Day Manicure

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello everyone, I said I would be doing a post on Scotch tape manicures so here you go.

I love glitter and I love bold colors. If someone had told me a year ago that I would know the names of these polishes I would have told them they had lost their mind.

I wanted to experiment with a Valentine's Day Manicure, although this combination may be a little more Christmasy.

I started off with a base coat from Sally Hansen. I change my colors enough that a base coat isn't really needed but I hate to stain my nails with the bright colors.

Then I applied two layers of Sinful Colors "Sugar Sugar". I love the color. Sinful Colors has a nice thin brush and applies well. But sometimes it does give me a few bubbles. But just make sure the coats are nice and thin and it eliminates that problem for the most part.

Then I used a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. I love that stuff! It dries so fast means I can tape off my fingers relatively quickly without damaging the base layer.

Tear off enough Scotch Tape strips to do the pattern you want and stick them around your worktable. This will help you avoid smearing the polish when you move from finger to finger.

Take the Scotch Tape and apply it to the palm of your hand or the back of your hand. You just want to get a lot of the sticky adhesive off so it doesn't stick too much. Then apply the Scotch Tape leaving the area you want to accent. It doesn't have to be a stripe. It can be a straight tip, or a diagonal one -- or anything your heart desires. Use your imagination. Trust me - this is the hardest part. Trying to get the angles the same and the accent the same width is trying at times. Obviously I should have tried a little harder.

Then apply your accent color over the open area of tape. For my accent color I used Nicole by OPI "Make a Comet-ment"

Take the tape off quickly so the polish doesn't start to dry and pull off with the tape. Do the same on each finger and Voila!

You get an amazing accent without having to freehand anything. Goodness knows if I tried to freehand it would look like a kindergartner did it.


  1. Great tips for the tape! I wish I'd known this the first time I tried a tape mani. Now I'll try again and hopefully have better results! You have gorgeous nails by the way :)

  2. Teresa, Thanks. Let me know how it works! Now I just have to find a stamper and learn that. I so love that look.

  3. This turned out beautifully! I tried scotch tape once and it didn't work out too well. I may have to try it again after reading your post! =) Great job!

  4. Thanks. I like to do scotch tape manicures.

  5. Ha, ha, Kelly! You make me laugh. Was browsing some of your older posts and saw this one on the taped mani. Comparing your free hand to a kindergartner. That would be me with the tape. I can just see everything taped up except the nails I want to mask! :)

    1. Andrea, it is so easy! Just make sure you get most of the sticky off first. You can do it!


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